Salamangreat Combo Vol. 3

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  1. etgetg says:

    Lady Debug → Salamangreat Veilynx (Left EMZ).
    Chain 2: Salamangreat Gazelle ① effect, Special Summon itself from hand.

    no SG sent to GY

  2. Joemar says:

    Thanks again for the Combo articles, I really like these a lot.

  3. Gaben says:

    I was wondering why the decklist had Number 75, because to be honest I completely forgot that it had a disruption effect. The only time it ever gets used in the TCG is to perform the Rhongymniad Lock, so can you really blame me?

    • Matt Aleixo says:

      Tbh i thought the same thing. I kept hearing ppl usong it and i was like “what are they overlaying with it?

  4. Chaos says:

    Hey, thanks for posting these helpful articles ! Could you also consider featuring Subterror flow/decklists? Thank you in advance

  5. gallantron says:

    Combo 14, Step 8 – there is no Sunlight Wolf in the GY yet.

  6. MornStar says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    BTW,in Combo11 step13,there is no wolf in GY. I think it should be Veilynx.

  7. DoubleA12 says:

    Combos 13 and 14 use the same picture

  8. gallantron says:

    Both “Volume 1” and “Volume 2” link back to Vol.1.

  9. Saint nick says:

    Combo 12 can be an OTK for going 2nd if you change just a couple things.
    In step seven send fusion of fire to the GY
    Then in step 12/13 instead of using sanctuary link wolf and stallio into another wolf
    Step 14 pick up the fusion of fire
    Do step 15 and 16 like normal
    You now end up with a field that has the reincarnated sunlight wolf, a jack jaguar and a sanctuary that is unused. In your hand should also be a gazelle and a fusion of fire (plus whatever else you drew at the start). You then link jack jaguar and wolf into heatleo, then special summon gazelle because you destroyed jack jaguar. Then reincarnate heatleo to get his effect to target any monster your opponent controls and one in your GY and change the first monsters ATK to the second monsters ATK. Target any monster your opponent controls and your vielynx to make their ATK 500. Then use fusion of fire to fuse heatleo and gazelle to make violet chimera. Your ATK when you attack the monster whose ATK you changed will be 9400 dealing enough piercing damage to deplete their life points. I hope that explanation made sense. Please add to the list if you see this thanks!

  10. Saint nick says:

    Nevermind I forgot you can’t special gazelle twice in the same turn. My bad

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