Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship 2011 was held on 17 April 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  • 2 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8 Single-Elimination


Asia Championship 2011

1st Singapore Soh Jun Yuan Debris Junk Doppel
2nd South Korea Noh Jae-Yeong (노재영) Six Samurai
3rd Taiwan Liu Hsiao Wei (劉孝威) Agent Fairy
4th Malaysia Tan Sung Lee Junk Doppel
5 – 8th Thailand Chaovalit Lorphasongsuk Agent Fairy
Philippines William Israel Sy Six Samurai
Hong Kong Ma Wing Sang (馬永生) Infernity
Macao Tsai Sheung Yin Six Samurai
9 – 10th Indonesia Saddam Husein Agent Fairy
Malaysia Lim Jun Yan “Karl” Six Samurai


Asia Championship 2011 Competitors

Asia Championship 2011 Top 8 Bracket

Asia Championship 2011 Top 4
From left to right: Liu Hsiao Wei (Taiwan), Soh Jun Yuan (Singapore), Noh Jae-Yeong (South Korea), Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia)

2011 Asia Champion
Soh Jun Yuan (Singapore)


1st, Soh Jun Yuan (Singapore) [Debris Junk Doppel]

Source: Soh Jun Yuan


2nd, Noh Jae-Yeong (South Korea) [Six Samurai]

Source: The Destiny Of Pegasos Blog



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