Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010 was held on 14 – 15 August 2010 in Long Beach, United States.


World Championship 2010

1st Panama Galileo De Obaldia Frog FTK
2nd United States Vincent Paglia Blackwing
3rd Japan Kuwano Kei Herald of Perfection
4th South Korea Kim Tae-Woo Blackwing
5 – 8th Japan Kawai Hideki Frog Monarch
Canada Aaron Noel Blackwing
Taiwan She Wei Hao Frog Monarch
Netherlands Stefano Sluis Infernity
9 – 25th Japan Watanabe Yuma Blackwing
Italy Stefano Memoli Infernity
United States Chris Arantes Blackwing
Spain Rodrigo Togores Frog FTK
Malaysia Tan Sung Lee Gigavise
Thailand Thanin Siripojanakul Blackwing
United States Sean Montague Gladiator Beast
Singapore Benjamin Tan Hong Hwee Blackwing
Hong Kong Luk Chi Hang Quickdraw Dandywarrior
Argentina Juan Pablo Vera Frog FTK
United States Daniel LaMartina Gladiator Beast
Singapore Jeremy Chua Machina Gadget
Japan Tanaka Shogo Frog Monarch
Belgium Sebastian Gonzalez Blackwing
Philippines Alvin Lim Machina Gadget
Australia Ewan O’Keefe Gladiator Beast
New Zealand Kevin Lau Gladiator Beast


2009 World Champion and 2010 World Champion
Benjamin Tan (Singapore) and Galileo De Obaldia (Panama)


1st, Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) [Frog FTK]

Source: Master Guide 3, PRO-CARDS (Wayback Machine)


4th, Kim Tae-Woo (South Korea) [Blackwing]

Source: The Destiny Of Pegasos Blog


5 – 8th, Aaron Noel (Canada) [Blackwing]

Source: MrTropicona


5 – 8th, Stefano Sluis (Netherlands) [Infernity]

Source: Master Guide 3



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  1. xiong_online says:

    1st, Side Deck the last one is:Treacherous Trap Hole[99590524].

    • Akira says:

      I had verified with Galileo and the last card is indeed “Treacherous Trap Hole”. Corrected the list. Thank you.

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