Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Plus 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Plus 2012 was held on 2 December 2012 in Hong Kong.


  • 3v3 Team Tournament, with shared card pool
  • 2 groups of 4 teams each
    • Group A: Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand
    • Group B: Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan
  • Round Robin during the Group Stage
  • Top 2 teams of each group will proceed to the Single-Elimination playoff

Asia Championship Plus 2012

1st Wu Chung Wei
Lin Yi Chun
Sun Jen Hsiang
Taiwan Lightsworn
2nd Teoh Zhen Pei
Andrew Ng Wei Qin
Shahmir Bin Roshidi
Malaysia Atlantean Mermail
3rd Yeung Chu Fai
Leung Siu Pan
Sheung Kwan Hoi To
Hong Kong Atlantean Mermail
Agent Fairy
Rabbit Dinosaur
4th Johann Loke Si Neng
William Oh Jin Xing
Yu Bixuan
Singapore Wind-Up
Atlantean Mermail
5 – 8th Kwong Ka Ho
Cheung Wing Ho
Tong Chun Wai
Hong Kong Atlantean Mermail
Rabbit Dinosaur
Pichaphop Chalermchatvichien
Vicharat Sirikhajornroj
Apinan Chalermchatvichien
Thailand Skill Drain Rabbit
Atlantean Mermail
Agent Fairy
Irwin Jansen Abeleda Arogo
Charles Cedric So
Jomer Yap Flores
Philippines Chaos Dragon
Atlantean Mermail
Park Jun-Sik
Eun Won-Ki
Kim Tae-Woo
Korea Atlantean Mermail
Chaos Dragon
Six Samurai


Asia Championship Plus 2012 Competitors

Asia Championship Plus 2012 Champion Team
Taiwan – Lin Yi Chun, Wu Chung Wei, Sun Jen Hsiang


1st, Wu Chung Wei (Taiwan) [Lightsworn]

Source: High Level Gaming


1st, Lin Yi Chun (Taiwan) [Wind-Up]

Source: High Level Gaming


1st, Sun Jen Hsiang (Taiwan) [HERO]

Source: High Level Gaming



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