Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2005

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2005 was held on 6 – 7 August 2005 in Ariake, Japan.


World Championship 2005

1st Greece Miltiadis Markou Nephthys Metamorphosis Chaos
2nd Mexico Jorge Fabian Pina Lizarraga Deck Destruction
3rd Germany David Kretschmer Machine Chaos
4th Taiwan Li Guan Sian (李冠賢) Warrior Chaos
5 – 8th Japan Watanabe Kenji (渡辺賢治) Metamorphosis Chaos
Chile Gonzalo Ercole
Hungary Attila Zsili
Japan Norihama Takeru (乗浜健) Metamorphosis Chaos
9 – 16th Canada Dexter Dalit Metamorphosis Chaos
Austria Michael Brix
United States Miguel Garcia
Belgium Guy Israel
New Zealand Cindie Jean Uddstrom Burn
Singapore Soh Jun Yuan Metamorphosis Chaos
France Pierre Pradelles
Dominican Republic Teodoro Lai
17 – 40th Chile Raul Toro
Japan Tanaka Kyosuke (田中恭介)
United States Adam Kruszynski
Malaysia Low Mun Wai
United States Max Suffridge
South Korea Park Soo-Hyun
Denmark Michael Poulsen
Italy Namer Merli
Netherlands Guan Her Ng
Slovenia Marko Thuma
Sweden Christopher Westholm
Croatia Joso Zrilic
Australia Stewart Brine
Switzerland Luis da Silva
Japan Hongo Shotaro (本郷翔太郎)
Ireland James Kinsella
Hong Kong Shum King Hang
Portugal Jose Lopes
Argentina Eric Daniel Jugo
Brazil Stephan Holtermann
Philippines Melvin Sta. Maria
Poland Pawel Marcinkowski
Estonia Valter Liblik
Israel Ido Marcus


World Championship 2005 Final Match
Jorge Fabian Pina Lizarraga (Mexico) vs Miltiadis Markou (Greece)
Photo from: 遊戯王 アルティマニア (Wayback Machine)

World Championship 2005 Finalist and Champion
From left to right: Jorge Fabian Pina Lizarraga (Mexico), Miltiadis Markou (Greece), Takahashi Kazuki
Photo from: 遊戯王 アルティマニア (Wayback Machine)


1st, Miltiadis Markou (Greece) [Nephthys Metamorphosis Chaos]

Source: Master Guide 2, 遊戯王 アルティマニア (Wayback Machine)


2nd, Jorge Fabian Pina Lizarraga (Mexico) [Deck Destruction]

Source: Master Guide 2


3rd, David Kretschmer (Germany) [Machine Chaos]

Source: Spieleforum.de


4th, Li Guan Sian (Taiwan) [Warrior Chaos]

Source: 遊戯王 アルティマニア (Wayback Machine)


9 – 16th, Dexter Dalit (Canada) [Metamorphosis Chaos]

Source: Pojo.com

*The deck list did not have the Fusion Deck recorded down. In addition to Thousand-Eyes Restrict, it is likely that he was also running other Fusion Monsters such as Dark Balter the Terrible, Ryu Senshi, etc.


9 – 16th, Cindie Jean Uddstrom (New Zealand) [Burn]

Source: Metagame.com



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9 Responses

  1. TheMadWasp says:

    Wait, Ido Marcus has been at the World Championship multiple times?

  2. xiong_online says:

    1st Main Deck 41,missing Blade Knight[39507162]

  3. clody says:

    unfortunately i cant find the source but i remember to have read the tournament report by lizarraga himself in a mexican forum, i remember he wrote that the side deck of the world championship was the same he had in his qualification tournament https://www.formatlibrary.com/apr-2005—goat/empty-jar-jorge-fabian-pina-lizarraga-2nd-place-yu-gi-oh-world-championship-august-2005 (this is the list from his qualification for worlds)

  4. Abe Jenkins says:

    Lizarraga’s is such a fun deck to play with.

  5. Huge Divinity Soldier says:

    Cindie Uddstrom (New Zealand) incorrectly labelled as Canadian

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