Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship 2005

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship 2005 was held on 9 April 2005 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Overseas regions (Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea) sent 1 representatives each, while Taiwan filled up the rest of the 11 slots. These 16 players then battled in a Single-Elimination format.


Asia Championship 2005

1st Hong Kong Luk Chi Hang (陸志恆) D.D. Beat
2nd Taiwan Zhang Hao Jun (張皓鈞) Nephthys Chaos
3rd Japan Togawa Masatoshi (户川雅俊) Metamorphosis Chaos
4th Taiwan Cai Zong Lin (蔡宗霖) Chaos
5 – 8th Taiwan Hsu Che Wei (許哲緯)
Taiwan Weng Lin Kai (翁琳凱)
Taiwan Cheng Chi Hsiang (鄭吉翔)
Taiwan Li Wang Hsing (李旺星)
9 – 16th Taiwan Chou Cheng Wei (周政緯)
Malaysia Chu Chee Keong
Korea Shim Kyu-Seong
Taiwan Sun Ching Hao (孫靖豪)
Taiwan Yang Kun Cai (楊坤財)
Taiwan Chien Yen Jui (錢彥瑞)
Singapore Jeremy Chua Wei Xiang
Taiwan Lin Jiung Yong (林峻勇)


Asia Championship 2005 Overseas Representatives
From left to right: Togawa Masatoshi (Japan), Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong), Jeremy Chua Wei Xiang (Singapore), Chu Chee Keong (Malaysia), Shim Kyu-Seong (South Korea)

The Japan Representative, Togawa Masatoshi, is also the 2004 World Champion.


Asia Championship 2005 Top 3
From left to right: 2nd – Zhang Hao Jun (Taiwan), 1st – Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong), 3rd – Togawa Masatoshi (Japan)


1st, Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) [D.D. Beat]

Source: MegaRidge (Web Archive)


2nd, Zhang Hao Jun (Taiwan) [Nephthys Chaos]

Source: MegaRidge (Web Archive)

*The deck list has only 39 cards recorded.


3rd, Togawa Masatoshi (Japan) [Metamorphosis Chaos]

Source: MegaRidge (Web Archive)

*The deck list did not have the Fusion Deck recorded down. It is very likely that in addition to Thousand-Eyes Restrict, he was running other Fusion Monsters such as Dark Balter the Terrible, Ryu Senshi, etc.
*The deck list also had Mystic Swordsman LV2 and Royal Decree both at 3 copies each, making the Side Deck 17 cards.


4th, Cai Zong Lin (Taiwan) [Chaos]

Source: MegaRidge (Web Archive)



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