Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2012

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2012 was held on 11 – 12 August 2012 in Roppongi, Japan. It was held together with the Dragon Duel World Championship 2012.


World Championship 2012

1st Japan Saito Akikazu Inzektor
2nd Italy Stefano Memoli Inzektor
3rd Germany Joshua Schmidt Inzektor
4th Singapore Wesley Seek En Wei Inzektor
5 – 8th USA Jarel McKay Winston Exodia
Japan Arimura Yohei Skill Drain Malefic Barbaros
Japan Norihama Takeru Inzektor
USA Yumoto Kota Inzektor
9 – 26th Mexico Alvaro Manuel Gonzalez Orea Six Samurai
Greence Michail Paraschos Dark World
Spain Angel Matas Inzektor
Hong Kong Leung Chi Wai Inzektor
Japan Waragai Yuki Dark World
Malaysia Tan Sung Lee Chaos Dragon
Philippines Irwin Arogo Inzektor
USA Tyler Tabman Inzektor
USA Robert Lewis Jr. Final Countdown
USA Kevin Junior Rubio Chaos Dragon
USA Adrian Shakir Chaos Dragon
USA Michael Steinman Gravekeeper
New Zealand Oliver Parle HERO
Australia Jonathan Ritzau Inzektor
Ecuador Marco Jonatan Oviedo Castro Inzektor
South Korea Heo Seung Hwee Gravekeeper
Taiwan Chang Shu Jen Inzektor
Thailand Santi Phromduangsiri Chaos Dragon


World Championship 2012 Competitors

World Championship 2012 Quarter-Final Match
Jarel Winston (USA) wins with Exodia against Saito Akikazu (Japan) in Game 1

2012 World Championship and 2012 Dragon Duel World Champion
Saito Akikazu (Japan) and Liou Yu Hao (Taiwan)


1st, Saito Akikazu (Japan) [Inzektor]

Source: Master Guide 4, @sho1chi (Main, Extra + Side)


2nd, Stefano Memoli (Italy) [Inzektor]

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh Planet’s


5 – 8th, Jarel McKay Winston (United States) [Exodia]

Source: Prowinston, TCGplayer


5 – 8th, Arimura Yohei (Japan) [Skill Drain Malefic Barbaros]

Source: ヨウのゆーぎおー


5 – 8th, Oliver Parle (New Zealand) [HERO]

Source: Gameplayer (Web Archive)



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4 Responses

  1. clody says:

    i have the 2nd place stefano memoli decklist, is posted here in this italian forum by user ” ¬Nicø “, he is close friend of memoli wich in the forum has the nickname “skody” https://yugiohplanet.forumcommunity.net/?t=51992731&st=135
    is hard to understand if you dont know italian, i copy/paste the message:

    3 centi 3 dragonfly 3ladybug 2hornet 2truppa 3 veiler 1mantis
    3pod 3tifone 1tempesta 1mind 1 reborn 1allure 1foolish
    2bth 1sparizione 2tt 2warning 2call 1solenne 1compulsory

    3tk 1nero 1taker 2dust 2ryko 2prison 1sparizione 3fissure

    translation for the decklist:
    3x inzektor centipede
    3x inzektor dragonfly
    3x inzektor ladybug
    2x inzektor hornet
    2x card trooper
    3x effect veiler
    1x inzektor giga-mantis
    3x pot of duality
    3x mystical space typhoon
    1x heavy storm
    1x mind control
    1x monster reborn
    1x allure of darkness
    1x foolish burial
    2x bottomless trap hole
    1x disappear
    2x torrential tribute
    2x solemn warning
    2x call of the haunted
    1x solemn judgment
    1x compulsory evacuation device

    3x thunder king rai-oh
    1x dark hole
    1x soul taker
    2x dust tornado
    2x ryko, lightsworn hunter
    2x dimensional prison
    1x disappear
    3x dimensional fissure

    he didnt give any extra deck details, but in the thread he said it was a standard extra deck

    hope it helps 🙂 cheers

    • clody says:

      the missing card of the main deck is BLS, he says it some pages later in the forum

    • Akira says:

      Thank you, much appreciated. I assumed that sparizione refers to “Sparizione a Catena” (Chain Disappearance), considering that there is little reason to play “Disappear” when “D.D. Crow” is available.

    • clody says:

      now that you make me think about it, it might actually be, unfortunately in the finals he didnt play it so i cant be sure, but since it was a very popular side deck choice you might be right. 🙂

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