Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018 was held on 4 – 5 August 2018 in Chiba, Japan. It was held together with Dragon Duel Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018 and Duel Links World Championship 2018.


World Championship 2018

1st Taiwan Wang Chia Ching Trickstar
2nd Australia Bohdan Temnyk Altergeist
3rd Italy Francesco Simoncelli Gouki
4th Korea Jung Seung-Chul Sky Striker
5 – 8th Canada Jesse Kotton Gouki
Japan Arikawa Ryuhei Altergeist
Japan Hasegawa Akira Sky Striker Malicious Gouki
Panama Galileo De Obaldia Gouki
9 – 28th Canada Ryan Yu Altergeist
Germany Joshua Schmidt Altergeist
Australia Poe Jiang Sky Striker Trickstar
Japan Tsujimura Ryosuke Altergeist
Japan Hinkinson Louis Takashi Sky Striker
Mexico Roger Guzman
Malaysia Low Weng Fong Sky Striker
Japan Okamoto Taishi
United States Brian Rayos
Peru Jeferson Salas
Mexico Alejandro Garcia
United Kingdom Darren Stephenson
United Kingdom Luke Parkes
Italy Matteo Mordanini
Canada Isaiah Joseph
Canada Gabriel Vargas Gouki
France Loan Cite-Mielle Gouki
United States Ryan Levine
United States Walter Jule Paleozoic
Japan Kagei Ryota


World Championship 2018 Final Match
Wang Chia Ching (Taiwan) vs Bohdan Temnyk (Australia)

2018 World Champion
Wang Chia Ching (Taiwan)


1st, Wang Chia Ching (Taiwan) [Trickstar]

Source: Yu-GI-OH.jp, @z0937612960


2nd, Bohdan Temnyk (Australia) [Altergeist]

Source: Yu-GI-OH.jp


3rd, Francesco Simoncelli (Italy) [Gouki]

Source: Yu-GI-OH.jp


4th, Jung Seung-Chul (South Korea) [Sky Striker]

Source: @jgwoo1024


5 – 8th, Jesse Kotton (Canada) [Gouki]

Source: TeamSamuraiX1


5 – 8th, Arikawa Ryuhei (Japan) [Altergeist]

Source: @ypyypypppp


5 – 8th, Hasegawa Akira (Japan) [Gouki]

Source: @hase1218kyon


5 – 8th, Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) [Gouki]

Source: UnitedGosus


9 – 28th, Poe Jiang (Australia) [Sky Striker Trickstar]

Source: @HwDmn


9 – 28th, Tsujimura Ryosuke (Japan) [Altergeist]

Source: @Rampen_hituji


9 – 28th, Hinkinson Louis Takashi (Japan) [Sky Striker]

Source: @FeeriFeriFeri


9 – 28th, Loan Cite-Mielle (France) [Gouki]

Source: Le coin des Barons La Boutique



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  1. .. says:

    the 9th list is the same as the 8th

  2. mistake: 9 – 28th, France Loan Cite-Mielle [Gouki], and decklist is sky striker

  3. Scorch says:

    Ryan Yu played Altergeist in this, source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQa4G8AqX_s from 1:36 to 2:10

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