Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2016


The World Championship 2016 and Dragon Duel World Championship 2016 were held on the 20 – 21 August 2016 at Orlando, Florida, United States.

Featuring 22 duelists for the main event and 12 duelists for the Dragon Duel, these duelists will build their decks following the World Championship 2016 Forbidden and Limited List, and compete against one another for the title of the 2016 World Champion and 2016 Dragon Duel World Champion respectively.


World Championship 2016


1st Japan Hiyama Shunsuke Blue-Eyes
2nd United States Erik Godwin Christensen Blue-Eyes
3rd Japan Kajihara Soichiro Majespecter
4th Australia Matthew Adam Casiero Monarch
5 – 8th Japan Yada Makoto Majespecter
United States Admassu Williams-Ademe Brilliant Monarch
United States Travis Allen Smith Blue-Eyes
Japan Momiji Daiki Phantom Knights Burning Abyss
9 – 22nd Korea Choi Byung-Hyug Speedroid Phantom Knights
United States Jimmy TX Nguyen Blue-Eyes
France Samir Bachar Madolche
United States Thomas Isaiah Rowe Phantom Knights Burning Abyss
Mexico Brandon Ossiel Aguilar Gonzalez Phantom Knights Burning Abyss
Italy Lorenzo Salvatore Roma Magician Odd-Eyes Majespecter
Germany Carmelo Buttiglieri Majespecter
Argentina Joaquin Rinaldi Petroni Magician Odd-Eyes
Japan Sato Kai Monarch
Taiwan Hsiao Tsun-Yu Blue-Eyes
Australia Bohdan John Temnyk Blue-Eyes
United Kingdom Finn Rory Bakewell Odd-Eyes Dracoslayer
United States Adam Brian Hutchins Blue-Eyes
Peru Mijail Stephano Flores Barboza PSY-Frame
World Championship 2016 Top 4

World Championship 2016 Top 4
Matthew Casiero, Kajihara Soichiro, Erik Christensen, Hiyama Shunsuke


Dragon Duel World Championship 2016


1st Taiwan Peng Po-Hsiang Domain Monarch
2nd United States Aiden Christopher Tiemann Odd-Eyes Dracoslayer
3rd Korea Hong Wook-Young Blue-Eyes
4th Australia Declan Craig Matthews Odd-Eyes Majespecter
5 – 8th Italy Gabriele Scialpi Phantom Knights Burning Abyss
Canada John Alexander Wilkin Qliphort
Ecuador Christian Xavier Suarez Espinoza Majespecter
Japan Yoshi Izumi Blue-Eyes
9 – 12th Japan >Shitagaki Ryuki Blue-Eyes
Ireland Shaun Jeffery Aliwalas Ritual Blue-Eyes
United States Ian Gregory Parish Tellarknight
Mexico Ronaldo Isai Sierra Cabello Blue-Eyes
Dragon Duel World Championship 2016 Top 4

Dragon Duel World Championship 2016 Top 4
Peng Po-Hsiang, Aiden Tiemann, Hong Wook-Young, Declan Matthews



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