Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2013

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2013 was held on 10 – 11 August 2013 in Las Vegas, United States. It was held together with the Dragon Duel World Championship 2013.


World Championship 2013

1st Taiwan Huang Shin En Dragon Ruler
2nd USA David Keener III Spellbook
3rd Thailand Weerapun Suebyoubol Dragon Ruler
4th Japan Kudou Hiromi Dragon Ruler
5 – 8th USA Aaron Riker Dragon Ruler
Italy Sergio Soldani Spellbook
Japan Murakoshi Kei Dragon Ruler
USA Robert Boyajian Dragon Ruler
9 – 26th Ecuador Carlos Andres Perez Padilla Dragon Ruler
Singapore William Oh Dragon Ruler
Germany Michel Grüner Dragon Ruler
Greece Christos Bountaloudis Spellbook
Australia Christopher Mattiske Dragon Ruler
Italy Valerio Rozza Dragon Ruler
Hong Kong Cheung Wing Ho Dragon Ruler
Mexico Luis Edgar Gallegos Lomeli Dragon Ruler
Australia Kye Baker Spellbook
Japan Saito Akikazu Dragon Ruler
USA Norberto Leon Spellbook
South Korea Park Jin-woo Dragon Ruler
Japan Kuroiwa Nobuhiko Dragon Ruler
Malaysia Teoh Zhen Pei Dragon Ruler
Japan Fujiwara Atsushi Spellbook
USA Patrick Hoban Dragon Ruler
USA Stephen Silverman Dragon Ruler
Philippines Elvis Agoto Spellbook


World Championship 2013 Final Match
Huang Shin En (Taiwan) vs David Keener III (USA)
Photo from: Las Vegas Weekly

World Championship 2013 Top 4
From left to right: Kudou Hiromi (Japan), Weerapun Suebyoubol (Thailand), David Keener III (USA), Huang Shin En (Taiwan)
Photo from: Las Vegas Weekly


1st, Huang Shin En (Taiwan) [Dragon Ruler]

Source: Master Guide 4, Yugioh Edition Singapore


2nd, David Keener III (United States) [Spellbook]

Source: Top Deck Cards and Games


5 – 8th, Aaron Riker (United States) [Dragon Ruler]

Source: DuelistGroundz, intch95


9 – 26th, Carlos Andres Perez Padilla (Ecuador) [Dragon Ruler]

Source: thecalieffect


9 – 26th, Michel Grüner (Germany) [Dragon Ruler]

Source: intch95


9 – 26th, Christopher Mattiske (Australia) [Dragon Ruler]

Source: thecalieffect


9 – 26th, Kye Baker (Australia) [Spellbook]

Source: thecalieffect



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  1. clody says:

    hello, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3I_TyH-Yk0 in this game the 4th place player manages to draw his whole deck in game 1, if somebody has the patience is possible to get his decklist from that. if i’ll have time to do it i will write it here

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