Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009 was held on 8 – 9 August 2009 in Akihabara, Japan.


World Championship 2009

1st Singapore Benjamin Tan Hong Hwee (陈宏晖) Blackwing
2nd Taiwan Chien Yen Jui (錢彥瑞) Cat Gladiator Beast
3rd United States Roy St. Clair Blackwing
4th South Korea Lee Hong-Kyu Gladiator Beast
5 – 8th Australia Alexander Antonios Gladiator Beast
New Zealand Chris Gehring Gladiator Beast
Hong Kong Au Man Lai Gladiator Beast
Malaysia Kee Kian Sim Blackwing
9 – 23rd Japan Ishikawa Kazuma Gladiator Beast
United States Michael Kohanim Gladiator Beast
Germany Vittorio Wiktor Cat Synchro
Netherlands Sharief Al-Aziz Mahomedradja Cat Synchro
United States Ryan Newburn Blackwing
Japan Mutsuoka Kazuki Cat Synchro
Belgium Sebastien Legay Cat Synchro
United States Kris Ferber Cat Synchro
Japan Kato Satoshi Gladiator Beast
Ecuador Esteban Almeida Cat Synchro
Canada Charles Easton Cat Synchro
Japan Abe Yuya Cat Synchro
Japan Kasuga Ryosuke Cat Synchro
Spain Eduard Alvarez Carrera Cat Synchro
Mexico Jose Hernandez Lightsworn


World Championship 2009 Top 8
From left to right: Kee Kian Sim (Malaysia), Au Man Lai (Hong Kong), Chien Yen Jui (Taiwan), Benjamin Tan (Singapore), Roy St. Clair (USA), Chris Gehring (New Zealand), Alexander Antonios (Australia), Lee Hong-Kyu (South Korea)

World Championship 2009 Final Match
Benjamin Tan (Singapore) vs Chien Yen Jui (Taiwan)


1st, Benjamin Tan Hong Hwee (Singapore) [Blackwing]

Source: Master Guide 3, Simorgh’s Cafe


2nd, Chien Yen Jui (Taiwan) [Cat Gladiator Beast]

Source: Master Guide 3


3rd, Roy St. Clair (USA) [Blackwing]

Source: Pojo Forum


5 – 8th, Kee Kian Sim (Malaysia) [Blackwing]

Source: Sam Kee



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