OCG 2024.04 Metagame Report #8, #9

Welcome to Week #8, #9 of the OCG 2024.04 format.

This report tabulates 248 top-performing decks from 46 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam during 25 May – 2 June 2024.

New Product Release

  • Duelist Pack: Duelists of Brilliance

Metagame Breakdown

  • 55 Snake-Eye (49 Fiendsmith Snake-Eye, 6 Snake-Eye)
  • 52 Tenpai Dragon
  • 28 Yubel (27 Fiendsmith Yubel, 1 Yubel)
  • 13 Fire King (8 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King, 3 Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King, 2 Fiendsmith Snake-Eye Fire King)
  • 11 Voiceless Voice (10 Voiceless Voice, 1 Fiendsmith Voiceless Voice)
  • 8 Grass Branded
  • 7 Chimera (6 Fiendsmith Chimera, 1 Horus Chimera)
  • 7 Rescue-ACE (6 Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Rescue-ACE, 1 Fiendsmith Snake-Eye Rescue-ACE)
  • 5 Ritual Beast (4 Ritual Beast, 1 Fiendsmith Ritual Beast)
  • 5 Runick
  • 5 Salamangreat
  • 5 White Woods (3 Centur-Ion White Woods, 1 Centur-Ion Toy White Woods, 1 Fiendsmith Toy White Woods)
  • 4 Fiendsmith Unchained
  • 4 Labrynth (2 Labrynth, 2 Fiendsmith Labrynth)
  • 4 Spright (3 Fiendsmith Spright, 1 Yubel Horus Spright)
  • 3 Centur-Ion
  • 3 Infernoid (2 Grass Infernoid, 1 Grass Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid)
  • 3 Memento (2 Memento, 1 Fiendsmith Memento)
  • 3 Tachyon (1 Bystial Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon, 1 Horus Bystial Tachyon, 1 Horus Millennium Tachyon FTK)
  • 2 Mathmech Code Talker
  • 2 Gimmick Puppet (1 Gimmick Puppet, 1 Horus Gimmick Puppet)
  • 2 Marincess
  • 1 Bystial Fiendsmith Mannadium
  • 1 Centur-Ion Dragon Link
  • 1 Dark World Fiendsmith Magical Musket
  • 1 Evil Eye
  • 1 Fiendsmith Unchained Evil★Twin
  • 1 Floowandereeze
  • 1 Grass Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Naturia World Chalice
  • 1 Grass Paleozoic
  • 1 Mathmech
  • 1 Melodious Supreme King
  • 1 Mikanko
  • 1 Mikanko Infernoble Knight
  • 1 Millennium Fiendsmith Orcust
  • 1 Runick Generaider
  • 1 Sinful Spoils Adventurer Synchron
  • 1 Tenyi Swordsoul
  • 1 Traptrix


Kuriphoton could be frequently seen in the Side Deck of decks running the Fiendsmith package. Kuriphoton is a LIGHT Fiend monster and could be added to hand from deck by Fiendsmith Tractus effect, a possible option when going first against Tenpai Dragon to ensure that they would not be able to deal lethal damage on the next turn. Kuriphoton ① effect makes you take no damage this turn, including Effect Damage, so it could also be sided in when going second against First-Turn-Kill (FTK) decks such as Gimmick Puppet FTK or Tachyon FTK.

Rise to Full Height is another tech against Tenpai Dragon. Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal effect is used to send Rise to Full Height from deck to graveyard. Then during the opponent’s turn, Rise to Full Height ② effect is used by targeting 1 monster you control, making that monster the only attack target for your opponent’s monsters this turn. After that monster leaves the field, the opponent’s monsters would not be able to declare attack. A common trick is to chain Rise to Full Height ② effect and target a monster that would be leaving the field, such as I:P Masquerena ① effect or S:P Little Knight ② effect.

Law Tsz Hin went 8-2 and finished 5 – 8th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia WCQ 2024 Hong Kong” which had 326 participants.

Tenpai Dragon

Heliosphere Dragon is a tech that some Tenpai Dragon are using for the mirror match. Heliosphere Dragon effect prevents the opponent from declaring attack while the opponent has 4 or less cards in their hand and this card is the only monster you control. Heliosphere Dragon is a Dragon monster so it could be Special Summoned by Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres effect.

Xiang Ziyu went 9-1 and finished 1 – 4th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! China Mainland WCQ 2024 Guangzhou” which had 480 participants. He went 7-2 and finished 9 – 16th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia WCQ 2024 Hong Kong” which had 326 participants.


GiveFun Card Shop (给趣卡牌) has published an interview with Lianye about his recent victory in the “China Mainland WCQ 2024 Wuhan Regional Qualifier”: 紧致额外换来的超强安定性——WCQ武汉站决赛资格获得者刻魔尤贝尔构筑思路分享.

In the article, he discussed about the various card choices and ratios. Running Bystial monsters in the Main Deck is a great tech in the current metagame against Fiendsmith. Bystial monsters are Level 6, so they could also function as extenders and be used to Xyz Summon Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. Using Bystial monsters to make Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal also conserves your The Fiendsmith or Fiendsmith Lacrimosa, allowing them to be used to Xyz Summon D/D/D Wave High King Caesar later. The drawback of Bystial monsters in the Main Deck is their poor performance against Tenpai Dragon.

Lianye (莲夜) went 8-1-1 and finished 1 – 3rd in “Yu-Gi-Oh! China Mainland WCQ 2024 Wuhan” which had 360 participants.


We are nearing the end of the OCG 2024.04 format and the metagame has settled around Fiendsmith Snake-Eye, Tenpai Dragon and Fiendsmith Yubel as the top contenders.

All Asia WCQ 2024 Regionals have come to an end after a month long of grueling competition.

  • 23 Snake-Eye (21 Fiendsmith Snake-Eye, 2 Snake-Eye)
  • 18 Tenpai Dragon
  • 7 Voiceless Voice
  • 5 Fire King (3 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King, 2 Fiendsmith Snake-Eye Fire King)
  • 4 Runick
  • 3 Fiendsmith Yubel
  • 16 Others

Among all the decks that made the top cut in the Asia WCQ 2024 Regionals, Fiendsmith Snake-Eye and Tenpai Dragon have edged out the competition. Together they account for more than half of the top cuts.

Asia WCQ 2024 Regionals Champion Decks
Thailand Fiendsmith Yubel [TH]
Indonesia Snake-Eye [ID]
Singapore Fiendsmith Snake-Eye [SG]
Hong Kong Fiendsmith Snake-Eye [HK]
Taiwan Tenpai Dragon [TW]
Philippines Voiceless Voice [PH]
Malaysia Fiendsmith Snake-Eye [MY]

Looking at the champion decks tell another story. Snake-Eye is the overwhelming favourite, winning 4 out of 7 Regionals. Tenpai Dragon could consistently make it out of the Swiss rounds, but they struggled in the playoffs and many failed to take it all the way to the gold.

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