Spring Duel Festival 2021

Yu-Gi-Oh! Spring Duel Festival 2021 was held on 10 April 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan and had 1199 participants.


  • 8 rounds of Swiss
  • Top 6 players will be seeded to the next Summer Tournament in Taiwan


1st Wang Jingxiang (王靖翔) @Ignister
2nd Tsui Cheng Hao (崔丞皓) Zoodiac
3rd Kung Hsiang Wen (孔祥文) Code Talker
4th Chyan Hung (錢宏) Zoodiac
5th Chen Bo Nian (陳柏年) Dogmatika Eldlich
6th Lo Zhi Hang (羅志航) Eldlich
7th Zhang Ka Ho (張家豪) Virtual World
8th Lee You Heng (李祐亨) Drytron
9th Su Yi Hsuan (蘇乙軒)
10th Hsu Fang Wei (徐芳緯) Virtual World
11th Huang Jen Yu (黃任瑜)
12th Tsai Ching Wei (蔡景崴)
13th Du Cheng Han (杜政翰) Grass Zombie Eldlich
14th Kuo Chin Liang (郭晉良)
15th Li Chun Yi (李俊毅)
16th Ting Fu Jung (丁富榮)


Spring Duel Festival 2021 Top 48
Photo from: 遊戲王台灣官方粉絲團

Spring Duel Festival 2021 Top 6
Photo from: Yu-Gi-Oh Asia


2nd, Tsui Cheng Hao [Zoodiac]

Source: Tsui Cheng Hao


5th, Chen Bo Nian [Dogmatika Eldlich]

Source: Chen Bo Nian


7th, Zhang Ka Ho [Virtual World]

Source: Zhang Ka Ho


8th, Lee You Heng [Drytron]

Source: @DARK3535353535

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