OCG 2019.04 Metagame Report #9, #10

Welcome to Week #9, #10 of the OCG 2019.04 format.

This report will tabulate 81 top-performing decks from 14 tournaments that were held in Japan, China and Taiwan during 1 – 11 June 2019.

Edit: Updated with results from “3rd Woluney Cup Team Battle”.


New Product Release

  • Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 5


Metagame Breakdown

  • 23 Salamangreat
  • 13 Orcust:
    • 8 Phantom Knights Orcust
    • 3 Scrap Phantom Knights Orcust
    • 2 DARK Warrior Phantom Knights Orcust
  • 6 Altergeist
  • 5 Magician
  • 5 Subterror
  • 4 Sky Striker
  • 4 Thunder Dragon
  • 4 Trickstar
  • 2 Infernoid
  • 2 Mythical Beast Endymion
  • 2 Zefra
  • 1 Blackwing
  • 1 Code Talker
  • 1 Cyber Dragon
  • 1 D/D
  • 1 Gandora-X FTK
  • 1 HERO
  • 1 Invoked
  • 1 Madolche
  • 1 Murakumo Da Eiza
  • 1 Wind-Up FTK
  • 1 Zombie



Senyayo (せんやよ) went 7-1 and finished 1st in “101st Aichi CS Team Battle in NextPro Osu Shop with Hatti!” (3v3 Team) which had 26 teams (78 participants).

He ran only 1 copy of Crossout Designator in the Main Deck, and choosing to run the second copy in the Side Deck.

Crossout Designator is very versatile in the mirror match as it allows him play around his opponent’s trap card, especially if it was returned by Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf. It can be chained to Salamangreat Rage and negate it, or preemptively activated by declaring Salamangreat Roar and neutralise it for the turn.

After Side Decking, it is also useful for negating Mind Control to protect your Sunlight Wolf.



T finished 1st in “20th Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin-Kurashiki CS” (3v3 Team) which had 13 teams (39 participants).

His build is similar to the optimisation seen in Plant FTK and Gouki, as mentioned earlier in OCG 2019.04 Weekly Report #6, #7.

The deck is optimised for going first, maxing out on combo components by running only 1 Maxx “C” in the Main Deck for enabling Crossout Designator.

The bulk of the ‘hand traps’ are kept in the Side Deck, only to be brought in for games where the opponent is likely going to choose to go first for the next game.


Meanwhile we have an interesting Grinder Orcust build that is showing up but has yet to produce any notable result.

The release of Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 5 gave Dark Occultism, a Spell Card that can add 1 Level 8 Fiend monster from deck or graveyard to hand. This is used to add Grinder Golem to hand, which in turn generates Tokens for Link Summoning and swarming the field, using the classic Akashic Magician and Security Dragon combo.

With a way to consistently open with Grinder Golem, the deck cuts out all Normal Summoning from the deck, including Trickstar Candina.

Tenyi Dragon – Vishudda synergies rather well with the Grinder Golem combo. It provides an extra Special Summon body, and its graveyard effect can be used to bounce Grinder Golem, essentially generating another 2 Tokens.

The Psychic engine consisting of Dr. Frankenderp, Re-Cover and Emergency Teleport provides another form of Special Summon and at the same time, an alternative access to a Level 1 Tuner for Synchro Summoning Borreload Savage Dragon.



Salamangreat took a dominating lead these 2 weeks, but that is partially due to the much poorer Orcust performance from players tinkering with the Grinder Orcust build.

The OCG 2019.04 format is coming to an end as we close off with the Asia Championship 2019 in the coming weekend on 16 June 2019. The Asia Champion and Finalist will join the 2018 World Champion, Wang Chia Ching, in representing Asia for the World Championship 2019. Join us at Yu-Gi-Oh! Events or Beyond the Duel for coverage of the Asia Championship 2019.

Following that would be the West Japan WCQ held at Osaka on 22 June 2019, and then the East Japan WCQ held at Tokyo on 29 June 2019.

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