Yu-Gi-Oh! Oceanic Championship 2019

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Oceanic Championship 2019 was held in Brisbane, Australia during 10 June 2019, and had a total of 248 participants.


Oceanic Championship 2019

1st Australia Charles Loo Salamangreat
2nd Australia Onur Gezer Salamangreat
3rd Australia Bohdan Temnyk Danger Chaos Thunder Dragon
4th Australia Yury Milkenkov Salamangreat


Oceania 2019 Representatives
From left to right: Onur Gezer (Australia) and Charles Loo (Australia)


1st, Australia Charles Loo [Salamangreat]

Source: Cimoooooooo


3rd, Australia Bohdan Temnyk [Danger Chaos Thunder Dragon]

Source: AlterRealityGames


4th, Australia Yury Milkenkov [Altergeist]

Source: Team GSL

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    Bohdan Temnyk is a piece of shit that owes someone 1994 USD plus about 500 USD interest for the last 13 years.

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