OCG 2017.10 Metagame Report #7

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  1. Glonass says:

    Can anyone help me find that shaddoll dinosaur deck? i cant find it in the references. Also can anyone explain how it works? thanks

    • Simply, you use shaddoll fusion to send a shaddoll monster (except falco) and Overtex Coatls and summon Winda. Then add super evolution pill by overtex coatls effect and then use super evolution pill banishing the overtex and the shaddoll monster both in grave and summon another Overtex or Ultimate Conductor Tyranno (usually the first, but it depends on the situation). This way you can stop the Spyral combos cause of Winda, and you have also a spell/trap negate if you summoned overtex or a book of eclipse if you summoned tyranno.

    • Akira says:

      The Top 16 deck lists of the 18th NTU Cup are now available on NTUCGM’s blog.
      The Shaddoll Dinosaur deck list is inside.

  2. We anyone find the traptrix build like what happened

  3. Is there a place we’re I can watch it(to see the traptrix)?

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