OCG 2017.10 Metagame Report #2

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9 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Lin says:

    Just curious on why he decided to main Ghost Ogre instead of the other hand traps (Winter Cherry & Droll Lock Bird). Ghost Ogre is a hand trap we have not seen in any of the previous lists featured, so I was wondering how it fares up against Spyrals.

    • Kaitul says:

      To deny the Pluses? (Activation of Super Agent, Quik-Fix, Last Resort, Dragon Ravine, Double Helix [Actually….u can’t deny the Add to the hand SPYRAL] Sleeper [Beware of Killing this guy])
      That’s the only way i’m thinking from using Ghost Ogre

    • Mohamed says:

      ghost ogre destroy quick fix, but if the spyral player searched for the monster reborn of spyral archetype, it doesn’t nothing.

    • Mohamed says:

      it does nothing.

  2. Kaitul says:

    Is the reason why Infernoid sees play because of the Grass advantage against SPYRAL?

    • Mohamed says:

      future fusion is at 2 in the ocg.

    • aerialated says:

      I don’t think so. Grass has been cut from multiple Infernoid builds in favor of the subterror negation engine with 40 cards. I’m not too sure why this is so tho so if Akira can enlighten us that would be fantastic.

  3. Morn Star says:

    Wonderful statistics, thanks a lot!~

  4. phili-d says:

    Infernoids get play because of the dd crow effect. DD crowing at the right time against spyral cripples the deck

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