OCG 2017.10 Metagame Report #1

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7 Responses

  1. Ryan Orwig says:

    Hey there, do you have the Subterror Infernoid list?

  2. Sean Jones says:

    Really liked the insight to the side deck. Hope to see more of it

  3. Rick says:

    Hero decklist please

  4. Morn Star says:

    Thanks for the report!~
    Maybe next time, the SPYRAL decks can be devided into groups by whether adding “Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson” or not.

    • Akira says:

      I believe that Destrudo is a core package of the current SPYRAL build.

      Here is the statistics for SPYRAL decks that are running Destrudo:
      Week #0 – 30/37
      Week #1 – 23/25
      (In-depth breakdown of Week #0 SPYRAL decks are compiled here: http://roadoftheking.com/data-analysis-spyral)

      There’s little reason not to run Destrudo, especially since Ancient Fairy Dragon itself is an answer to the Set Rotation lock.

      With that said, I will not be dividing up the SPYRAL builds into Destrudo or non-Destrudo. I personally feel it is akin to dividing OCG 2016.10 Zoodiac builds into Speedroid or non-Speedroid. But that is just me, you are free to run through each individual deck lists listed under “References” and do the math yourself. Cheers.

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