Zefra Darkwurm Combo

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5 Responses

  1. aerialated says:

    So how do they deal with hand clogs like wurm + destrudo in hand?

    • raccoon1412 says:

      I think they can play Dragon Ravine. Because Set Rotation still at 3 in OCG to ultilize the power of Field Spell

    • ArmadilloZ says:

      You can play more copies of Darkwurm since drawing it is actually not a bad thing? It’s a free scale setup.

  2. Hikokujaku says:

    TCG don’t have Denglong but with same combo, they can have 4 disruption as well.

    Step 1-15 is the same so we start from step 16
    16. Special summon Ghost Ogre instead of gamma

    TCG end field is Needlefiber in EMZ, Zefraxi and Ghost Ogre in MZ, divine strike set in the s/t zone.
    For the disruption:
    1. Zefra Divine Strike
    2. Ghost Ogre (Needlefiber effect that prevents the Special Summoned tuner from deck to activate its effect only last for your turn so you can activate the card that was special summoned using that effect during opponent’s turn)
    3. Needlefiber (by summoning T.G. Wonder Magician)
    4. Baxia (Wonder Magician + Zefraxi)

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