Yu-Gi-Oh! Spring Duel Festival 2022

The Spring Duel Festival 2022 was held on 14 May 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan and had 1200 participants.


  • Group Stage:
    • 4 groups of 300 players each
    • 7 rounds of Swiss
    • Top 4 players of each group advance to the playoffs
  • Playoffs:
    • Top 16 Single-Elimination
    • Top 4 players will be seeded to Duelist Cup 2022 Taiwan


1 – 4th Chyan Hung (錢宏) Splight
Sun Hao Zhe (孫浩哲) Splight
Li Wen Jun (李紋均) Branded Tearalaments
Chen Yuan Yao (陳元堯) Grass Tearalaments Shaddoll
5 – 8th Yang Shu Hsiang (楊舒翔) Splight Tri-Brigade
Wang Chia Ching (汪家慶) Danger Tearalaments
Lin Hung Cheng (林弘程) Splight
9 – 16th Wong Zhong Xuan (翁仲玄) Splight
Tsai Po Yu (蔡博宇) Grass Branded Tearalaments Shaddoll
Xie Cheng You (謝承佑) Grass Branded Tearalaments
Su Hao (蘇暭) Splight
Ma Guang Yu (馬光瑜) Luna


Spring Duel Festival 2022 Top 4


1 – 4th, Sun Hao Zhe [Splight]

Source: @itoko0724


1 – 4th, Chen Yuan Yao [Grass Tearalaments Shaddoll]

Source: Card-Ple 卡片人卡牌遊戲專賣店


5 – 8th, Yang Shu Hsiang [Splight Tri-Brigade]

Source: @r7JOCgmyON0PiP5


5 – 8th, Wang Chia Ching [Danger Tearalaments]

Source: @z0937612960


9 – 16th, Wong Zhong Xuan [Splight]

Source: Wong Zhong Xuan


9 – 16th, Xie Cheng You [Grass Branded Tearalaments]

Source: Xie Cheng You


9 – 16th, Su Hao [Splight]

Source: Su Hao


9 – 16th, Ma Guang Yu [Luna]

Source: Ma Guang Yu



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11 Responses

  1. ashton says:

    what is the level 1 in the side for the Luna deck? and the level 9 dark in the main? that list looks sweet!

  2. Souther says:

    @Ashton: it’s Sauge De Fleur

  3. Francesco says:

    Does someone have the top 4 Branded Tearalaments list?

  4. nahh says:

    is there any way to look for the luna deck’s gameplay

    • Sam Hyde says:

      there are a lot of ocg channes that showcase the deck such as:

      I also topped with a tcg version of this recently at a regional…it’s a good deck if you know what you’re doing and how to hand trap.

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