OCG 2022.04 Metagame Report #7

Welcome to Week #7 of the OCG 2022.04 format.

This report will cover 72 top-performing decks from 14 tournaments that were held in Japan, mainland China, Taiwan and Vietnam during 14 – 18 May 2022.


Metagame Breakdown

  • 39 Splight (37 Splight, 2 Adventurer Splight)
  • 10 Tearalaments (6 Branded Tearalaments, 2 Tearalaments, 1 Grass Branded Tearalaments, 1 Danger Tearalaments)
  • 3 Eldlich
  • 3 Shaddoll (2 Grass Tearalaments Shaddoll, 1 Grass Branded Tearalaments Shaddoll)
  • 2 Adamancipator (1 Adamancipator, 1 P.U.N.K. Adamancipator)
  • 2 Mathmech (1 Mathmech, 1 Code Talker Mathmech)
  • 1 Tearalaments Branded Despia
  • 1 Abyss Actor
  • 1 Drytron
  • 1 Exosister
  • 1 Luna
  • 1 Meta Beat
  • 1 P.U.N.K.
  • 1 P.U.N.K. Adventurer Virtual World
  • 1 P.U.N.K. Infernoid
  • 1 Splight Agent
  • 1 Splight Tri-Brigade
  • 1 Sunavalon Rikka
  • 1 Windwitch Invoked



Sun Hao Zhe went 9-0 and finished 1 – 4th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Spring Duel Festival 2022” which had 1200 participants.

He ran a standard Splight deck build, very similar to the two Splight builds showcased last week. This is possibly the optimized build for Splight in the current metagame.

Onibimaru Soul Sweeper has largely replaced Knightmare Cerberus as the utility removal in the Extra Deck. Although Knightmare Cerberus could be used as Xyz Material to Xyz Summon a 3200 ATK Gigantic Splight, but its effect could only destroy Special Summoned monster in opponent’s Main Monster Zone.

Onibimaru Soul Sweeper on the other hand could banish any monster until the opponent’s End Phase. Banishing is also another advantage when taking out Tearalaments monster without triggering their graveyard effect.



Wang Chia Ching (2018 World Champion) went 7-1-1 and finished 5 – 8th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Spring Duel Festival 2022” which had 1200 participants.

He ran a Danger Tearalaments deck build, inspired by an article written by Ban (未界域珠泪研究讨论).

Danger monsters provide an additional avenue to activate Tearalaments graveyard effect, when they are randomly discarded by Danger monster effect. Danger! Nessie! is an Aqua Type so it could be used to Fusion Summon Tearalaments Chaetocaros or Tearalaments Kaleido-Heart. Danger! Mothman! is a DARK Attribute monster but of a different Type from Tearalaments, so it could be used to Fusion Summon Mudragon of the Swamp. Danger! Mothman! is also a Level 4 monster and could be used to Xyz Summon Time Thief Redoer or Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir.

Since the deck does not run any Fusion Spell except for Instant Fusion, the deck is largely immune to Retaliating “C”. In the Round of 16, Chia Ching’s opponent was a running a Luna deck filled with ‘hand traps’. His opponent sided in Retaliating “C” only to find it stuck in hand as the build does not have Branded Fusion or Fusion Deployment to trigger Retaliating “C”.

Chia Ching also mentioned on his Twitch livestream (Picapicacuu) that the Danger Tearalaments build has many potential for development. He built the deck on Thursday before bringing it to the tournament on Saturday, and did not have enough time to properly playtest and optimize the build.



Splight continues to dominate the lead, while Tearalaments follows behind.

The recently concluded “Yu-Gi-Oh! Spring Duel Festival 2022” with 1200 participants had Splight and Tearalaments taking up most of the Top 16 spots, reflecting the current metagame trend.

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