Yu-Gi-Oh! European Championship 2017

The Yu-Gi-Oh! European Championship 2017 was held in Utrecht, The Netherlands during 23 – 25 June 2017, and saw a total of 1319 participants.

1st Italy Marcello Barberi Zoodiac
2nd Italy Michael Forner Zoodiac
3 – 4th Greece Petros Markantonakis Zoodiac
United Kingdom Tom Paine Zoodiac
5 – 8th France Abderazak Gasmi Zoodiac
Denmark Kristoffer Nielsen Zoodiac
Italy Federico Mecozzi Zoodiac
Italy Alessandro Longo Zoodiac

Team Europe
Michael Forner (Italy), JY Sharif (UK), Daniele Stella (Italy), Maxime Abrimont (France), Joshua Schmidt (Germany), Marcello Barberi (Italy)


1st, Italy Marcello Barberi [Zoodiac]

Source: Complexity Card Gaming, Lithium2300


2nd, Italy Michael Forner [Zoodiac]

Source: Lithium2300


3 – 4th, Greece Petros Markantonakis [Zoodiac]

Source: Lithium2300


3 – 4th, United Kingdom Tom Paine [Zoodiac]

Source: Lithium2300



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  1. Little D says:

    That Appointer tho.

  2. Frenzyhero says:

    Wow, such diversity! What a healthy and unique format where individual playstyles can really shine! I hadn’t seen this coming at all, especially after 8 months of a deck with 98% playrate!

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