New Year Carnival 2023 Hong Kong

Yu-Gi-Oh! New Year Carnival 2023 Hong Kong was held on 26 March 2023 and had 40 participants. This is an invite-only tournament consisting of top players from the Store Qualifiers.


  • 4 rounds of Swiss, Top 8 Single-Elimination
  • Top 8 wins a New Year Carnival 2023 playmat featuring Zoodiac Tigermortar and Zoodiac Bunnyblast
1st Law Chi Hin Ishizu Tearlaments
2nd Leung Siu Pan Tenyi Swordsoul
3 – 4th 小毛 Ishizu Tearlaments

1st, Law Chi Hin [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: TopDeck

2nd, Leung Siu Pan [Tenyi Swordsoul]

Source: M.S

3 – 4th, 小毛 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: Players’ Club -Trading Card Game store

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