Yu-Gi-Oh! Central American WCQ 2017

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Central American World Championship Qualifier 2017 was held in Mexico City, Mexico during 24 – 25 June 2017, and saw a total of 614 participants.

1st Mexico Pedro Benhumea Salto Zoodiac
2nd Mexico Juan Israel Galvez Vallejo Zoodiac
3 – 4th Mexico Luis Gabriel Romo Rosas Zoodiac
Mexico Alejandro Vivaldo Reyes Suarez True Draco Zoodiac
5 – 8th Mexico Guillermo Briseno Zuniga Zoodiac
Panama Angel Fernando Ovalle Rivera Zoodiac
Mexico Luis Angel Ortega Silvestre Zoodiac
Mexico Jhovanny Contreras Juarez True Draco Zoodiac

Central American WCQ 2017 Champion
Pedro Benhumea Salto (Mexico)

World Qualifying Points 2017 – Latin America
Alejandro Garcia Moreno (Mexico)


1st, Mexico Pedro Benhumea Salto [Zoodiac]

Source: Inge cards


2nd, Mexico Juan Israel Galvez Vallejo [Zoodiac]

Source: Inge cards



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