YCSJ Nagoya 2020

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Japan (YCSJ) Nagoya 2020 was held on 15 February 2020 and had 3000 participants.


  • Best-of-One Match (No Side Deck)
  • 7 rounds of Swiss, Top 64 Single-Elimination
1st Tachiki Aoi “あおい うい” True Draco
2nd Saruwatari Shinkun “シン” Code Talker
3rd Aoki Daisuke “シュラスコ” Dragon Link
4th Takahashi Yuya “佐 倉@” Releaser Dragoon
5 – 8th “蘭” Orcust
“カバオ” Altergeist
“速攻のジミー” Super Soldier HERO
“ぬまっち” True Draco
9 – 16th “五光” Dragoon Subterror
“もなか@すわわ” Orcust
Releaser Dragoon
“マーシー” Dragoon Subterror
Danger Dark World
“ブルーまはろ” Releaser Dragoon

YCSJ Nagoya 2020 Champion and Finalist
Tachiki Aoi (left) and Saruwatari Shinkun (right)

1st, Tachiki Aoi “あおい うい” [True Draco]


2nd, Saruwatari Shinkun “シン” [Code Talker]


3rd, Aoki Daisuke “シュラスコ” [Dragon Link]

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES JAPAN(YCSJ)NAGOYA 2020, @churrasco_yugi

4th, Takahashi Yuya “佐 倉@” [Releaser Dragoon]

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES JAPAN(YCSJ)NAGOYA 2020, @7s7akuramo_129

5 – 8th, “速攻のジミー” [Super Soldier HERO]

Source: @aandkei

*Note: This was the deck he wanted to play, but he lost 1 Miracle Fusion and 1 Vision HERO Increase in the morning and had to edit his list during registration.

5 – 8th, “蘭” [Orcust]

Source: @etsuranrinoto

5 – 8th, “ぬまっち” [True Draco]

Source: @YPnumanuma

9 – 16th, “五光” [Dragoon Subterror]

Source: @6199603797be40c

9 – 16th, “もなか@すわわ” [Orcust]

Source: @monaka_suwawa

9 – 16th, “マーシー” [Dragoon Subterror]

Source: @yohan_marshir

9 – 16th, “ブルーまはろ” [Releaser Dragoon]

Source: @blue_mahalo


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7 Responses

  1. Chaos says:

    Singles are really not the way to go. They encourage helmet decks or decks that lose to side. I truly think they are wrong

    • Akira says:

      I think another way to look at it is to view the YCSJ format as a whole different metagame of its own, and not simply as an extension of the standard format. The YCSJ format opens up the opportunities for a different set of decks to shine, typically those that do not stand a chance in the standard format because players could run hard counters against them in the Side Deck.

      For players that complain about seeing the same old Orcust, Sky Striker, Altergeist, Thunder Dragon in the standard format, the YCSJ format is a refreshing change. Being an unsolved format also gives strong deck builders an advantage over the net-deckers.

      On the surface the best-of-one format seems very luck based, but top players are frequently making the Top 64 in the YCSJ, showing that the better players are still able to pull ahead despite the variance.

      The bigger issue at hand is that 7 Rounds of Swiss into a Top 64 cut-off is too little for 3000 participants. Having more Swiss Rounds would also mitigate a bit of the variance. But time is also an issue since two days event are not very popular in Japan due to how expensive accommodations are.

    • Chaos says:

      I understand that it is a different format since it is a single-game one. However I personally don’t like it (It almost always gets won by stun except for that Cydra player) since it promoted FTK’s, Stun or Crazy Combos which lose to side. I understand people tired of meta might enjoy it. Thank you for your insight

  2. Bradley Vore says:

    What’s up with the Sheridan played in the second True Draco decklist?

    • Bradley Vore says:

      I struggle to see why a lot of these Draco players are playing Xyz cards simply for destruction when most of their traps are searchable and do the same thing

    • Akira says:

      “Dhampir Vampire Sheridan” does not destroy but sends its target to the graveyard, so it is a good removal for indestructible cards, such as “Thunder Dragon Colossus”, “Thunder Dragon Titan”, “Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star”, or a Link Monster that was summoned using “I:P Masquerena”.

  3. Jiaqing Lee says:

    “速攻のジミー” HERO

    any luck in finding this list?

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