Rush from the Past

The first main booster set for Rush Duel, Deck Modification Pack – Hyperspeed Rush Road!!, brought back a lot of old classic cards but in a new modern art style.

Here is a quick comparison of the artwork.


Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Kaiba’s beloved Blue-Eyes White Dragon now has a much more realistic proportion while retaining the original pose.


Lizard Warrior

Lizard Warrior has a whole new background of a green jungle.


Lesser Dragon

Lesser Dragon has a more vibrant shading that better illustrates its armor.


Binding Chain

The new image is zoomed out with a better focus on the actual Binding Chain rather than the monster being restrained.


Little D

Little D is drawn zoomed out, revealing its legs and tail.


Arma Knight

Arma Knight‘s eyes eludes a much more sinister vibe and he is spotting a fuller mustache.


Petit Moth

Haga’s (Weevil) baby Petit Moth has a healthier lustrous shell.


Skull Servant

The skeleton structure of Skull Servant is much more defined, losing the original comical flavor.


Silver Fang

Yugi’s Silver Fang has a more fluff in its fur while howling in front of a realistic moon with craters.


Feral Imp

Another of Yugi’s monsters, Feral Imp‘s background now shows a much clearer display of the lightnings.


Faith Bird

The wings of Faith Bird are now revealed, giving a better sense of motion with the air current in the background.



LaMoon is drawn zoomed out in a modern anime style and a comes with a more detailed background.


Machine Attacker

Machine Attacker is drawn zoomed out too with sharper details of its mechanical parts.


Crawling Dragon

The new Crawling Dragon artwork looks more reptilian than dragon.


Seal of the Ancients

The old Seal of the Ancients artwork is much more detailed with much more occult feel to it.


The flames in Sparks is much more fiery.


Darkness Approaches

Darkness Approaches has a better composition with more space given to the ominous sky overhead.



Mountain has a breathtaking new take with a luscious green mountain in the front and a ice cold mountain in the back.


Call of the Earthbound

Call of the Earthbound uses the TCG artwork where all the cross headstones are replaced with the monolith design.



Gust has received a new anime art style making the characters look much more comedic than distressed.

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