OCG 2023.04 Metagame Report #5, #6

Welcome to Week #5, #6 of the OCG 2023.04 format.

This report will tabulate 304 top-performing decks from 51 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam during 29 April – 7 May 2023.

Metagame Breakdown

  • 48 Purrely (38 Purrely, 6 Dark World Purrely, 3 Ishizu Purrely, 1 Adventurer Purrely)
  • 41 Mathmech (37 Mathmech, 4 Code Talker Mathmech)
  • 19 Superheavy Samurai (12 Superheavy Samurai, 5 Superheavy Samurai FTK, 1 Bystial Superheavy Samurai, 1 Vernusylph Superheavy Samurai)
  • 18 Tearlaments (9 Ishizu Kashtira Tearlaments, 8 Ishizu Tearlaments, 1 Purrely Ishizu Tearlaments)
  • 17 Adamancipator (10 Grass Superheavy Samurai Ishizu Vernusylph Adamancipator, 3 Fossil Vernusylph Adamancipator, 2 Superheavy Samurai Adamancipator, 1 Ishizu Vernusylph Adamancipator, 1 Superheavy Samurai Adamancipator Gallis FTK)
  • 17 Kashtira (14 Kashtira, 3 Invoked Kashtira)
  • 16 Vanquish Soul
  • 13 Branded (10 Branded, 3 Grass Branded)
  • 13 Rescue-ACE
  • 12 Runick
  • 8 Labrynth (6 Labrynth, 2 Ishizu Labrynth)
  • 6 Rikka (4 Sunavalon Rikka, 1 Rikka, 1 Therion Sunavalon Rikka)
  • 5 Dragon Link (3 Bystial Dragon Link, 2 Bystial Dragon Link)
  • 5 Exosister
  • 5 Magician
  • 4 Floowandereeze
  • 4 Tri-Brigade (3 Spright Tri-Brigade, 1 Scareclaw Tri-Brigade)
  • 3 Adventurer Synchron
  • 3 Infernoble Knight (2 Infernoble Knight, 1 Adventurer Infernoble Knight)
  • 3 Mannadium (2 Mannadium FTK, 1 Scareclaw Mannadium)
  • 3 Mathmech @Ignister
  • 3 Meta Beat
  • 3 Scareclaw (2 Scareclaw, 1 Kashtira Scareclaw)
  • 3 Sky Striker
  • 3 Virtual World (2 Virtual World, 1 Adventurer Virtual World)
  • 2 Blackwing
  • 2 Chimera (1 Chimera, 1 Branded Chimera)
  • 2 Dinosaur
  • 2 Mikanko
  • 2 Salamangreat
  • 2 Swordsoul (1 Swordsoul, 1 Tenyi Swordsoul)
  • 2 Thunder Dragon (1 Thunder Dragon, 1 Bystial Thunder Dragon)
  • 2 Vaylantz
  • 1 Dogmatika
  • 1 D/D
  • 1 Grass Ishizu Tearlaments Shaddoll Branded
  • 1 Grass Dogmatika Ishizu Tearlaments Shaddoll
  • 1 Grass Superheavy Samurai Bystial Ishizu Lightsworn P.U.N.K. Necroface
  • 1 HERO
  • 1 Kashtira Mayakashi
  • 1 Kashtira Nemleria
  • 1 Mikanko Phantom Knights
  • 1 Superheavy Samurai Orcust
  • 1 Umi
  • 1 Unchained
  • 1 Vernusylph Madolche


Mii-kun (みゐくん) went 6-2 and finished 1st in “1st Shogun Festival” (3v3 Team) which had 30 teams (90 participants).

Some players have switched over to running Dark World monsters as discard fodder for the Purrely Quick-Play Spells for the option of using Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World effect to destroy Continuous Traps such as Tyrant’s Tirade, Skill Drain or There Can Be Only One. Tyrant’s Tirade only stops Monster Effects that activate in the hand or on the field from activating, while Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World effect activates in the graveyard, allowing it to destroy Tyrant’s Tirade.

Red Reboot in the Main Deck is also another answer to Continuous Traps, while also being useful against Purrely and Mathmech to negate their Purrelyeap!? and Mathmech Superfactorial respectively.

Nibiru, the Primal Being and the Bystial monsters in the Side Deck are for the Mathmech matchup. Keldo the Sacred Protector and Mudora the Sword Oracle could also be used to stop Mathmech Superfactorial by returning the targeted Mathmech monsters from graveyard back to the deck.


Kigremo went 5-2-1 and finished 2nd in “5th Taiyo CS Trio (3v3 Team Tournament)” which had 31 teams (93 participants).

The bulk of Mathmech’s disruption comes from using Mathmech Superfactorial to Xyz Summon Primathmech Laplacian, hence chaining with Bystial monsters or D.D. Crow to banish from graveyard the targeted Mathmech Diameter is an effective counter play. To ensure that Mathmech Superfactorial could Xyz Summon Primathmech Laplacian successfully, Mathmech have started running Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion and Micro Coder to fetch Cynet Conflict. Firewall Dragon Darkfluid – Neo Tempest Terahertz effect could be used to send Micro Coder from deck to graveyard, then Splash Mage effect could Special Summon Micro Coder from the graveyard and they could be used to Link Summon Decode Talker Heatsoul, triggering Micro Coder effect to add Cynet Conflict from deck to hand.

Similarly, he is running Red Reboot in the Main Deck.

Besides running Cosmic Cyclone or Unending Nightmare in the Side Deck against Continuous Traps, Trap Eater, Archfiend Eccentrick and Mythical Beast Garuda are also options against Continuous Traps. Trap Eater sends an opponent’s face-up Trap to the graveyard as its Summoning Condition, while Archfiend Eccentrick and Mythical Beast Garuda Pendulum Effects could destroy a Spell/Trap card, allowing them to answer Tyrant’s Tirade.

Trap Eater, Archfiend Eccentrick and Mythical Beast Garuda could be added to hand using Small World.

Level 4 monster → Sakitama (Level 4) → Trap Eater (Level 4) or Archfiend Eccentrick (LIGHT Attribute)

Level 4 monster → Aratama (Level 4) → Mythical Beast Garuda (Level 4)

Superheavy Samurai

310 went 8-1 and finished 3 – 4th in “Osaka CS” which had 125 participants.

Similarly, he is running Archfiend Eccentrick and Mythical Beast Garuda in the Side Deck to destroy Continuous Traps such as Tyrant’s Tirade, Skill Drain or There Can Be Only One.


Hiroshi Odate (2nd in Asia Championship Winter 2020) went 8-2 and finished 2nd in “Duelist Cup 2023 Philippines” which had 203 participants.

Kashtira is a rather popular deck in the Philippines, and is the most represented deck in the top cut of the “Duelist Cup 2023 Philippines” with 4 Kashtira in the Top 16. His Side Deck of 2 Raigeki in addition to the 2 Nibiru, the Primal Being and 3 Xyz Encore came in handy to answer Kashtira Arise-Heart.


Ratchanan Vathanasanti went 6-0 and finished 1st in “Duelist Cup 2023 Thailand” which had 94 participants.

He mentioned in his tweet (@NesutoRBS) that Kashtira was the most played deck in “Thai Festival Series Songkran 2023” held the previous week, so he chose to run 3 Chaos Hunter in the Side Deck. Chaos Hunter is also Level 7 so it could be Pendulum Summoned with Superheavy Samurai Pendulum Scales of 1 and 8, to make the opponent be unable to use their D.D. Crow.


Sea Archer (シーアーチャー) went 5-1-1 and finished 3 – 4th in “RAM Cup 3v3 Team Tournament) which had 50 teams (150 participants).

Many of the top decks in the current metagame are mostly centred around a single Monster Type such as Purrely (Fairy), Mathmech (Cyberse) and Superheavy Samurai (Machine). There Can Be Only One becomes a strong metagame pick to stop these decks from making their plays and is seeing increase plays in the Main Deck or Side Deck. Vanquish Soul, Branded and Runick are some other decks beside Kashtira that could run There Can Be Only One.


Week #5, #6 was the Golden Week holiday in Japan and May 1st holiday in China, and had tournaments held everyday through the week, giving us a huge amount of tournament data. The road to World Championship 2023 is also officially underway in Asia starting off with “Duelist Cup 2023 Philippines” and “Duelist Cup 2023 Thailand”.

Purrely and Mathmech are still the decks to beat in the current format, resulting in many decks teching D.D. Crow and Red Reboot against them. While Purrely and Mathmech could consistently make the top cut, their power level are rather even with the rest of the decks that follow behind.

Rescue-ACE made a huge progress this week obtaining multiple tops, most notably finishing 1 – 2nd in “Osaka CS” which had 125 participants and finishing 2nd in “Thai Festival Series Songkran 2023” which had 246 participants.

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