Duelist Cup 2023 Philippines

Duelist Cup 2023 Philippines was held on 6 – 7 May 2023 and had 203 participants.

Credit to Jhay Brylle Buenaflor “Arcknight” (RespectYGO) for the information.


  • Day 1: 6 rounds of Swiss, Top 16 players advance to Day 2
  • Day 2: Top 16 Single-Elimination
  • Champion is invited to Duelist Cup 2023 Asia Finals
1st Alvin Dave Rodriguez Magician
2nd Hiroshi Odate Ishizu Tearlaments
3 – 4th Jhay Brylle Buenaflor “Arcknight” Kashtira
Elvis Agoto Jr “Junjun” Vanquish Soul
5 – 8th Bip-Bip Ducut Purrely
Rizaldy Belarmino Branded
Chito Racimo Vanquish Soul
Emm Lazarte Purrely
9 – 16th Walter Fat Kashtira
Renz Pongco Kashtira
John Michael Losito Mathmech
Armell-John Gabuya Rescue-ACE
Nathaniel Laureano Floowandereeze
John Emmanuel Gamban Kashtira
Michael Renzo Are Purrely
Alfred Anthony Reyes Rescue-ACE

Duelist Cup 2023 Philippines Top 4

1st, Alvin Dave Rodriguez [Magician]

Source: Alvin Dave Rodriguez

2nd, Hiroshi Odate [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: Hiroshi Odate

3 – 4th, Jhay Brylle Buenaflor “Arcknight” [Kashtira]

Source: RespectYGO

3 – 4th, Elvis Agoto Jr “Junjun” [Vanquish Soul]

Source: @junjun_yp

5 – 8th, Bip-Bip Ducut [Purrely]

Source: Bip-Bip Ducut

5 – 8th, Rizaldy Belarmino [Branded]

Source: Rizaldy Adolfo Belarmino

5 – 8th, Chito Racimo [Vanquish Soul]

Source: Chito Racimo

5 – 8th, Emm Lazarte [Purrely]

Source: @LAZRRR_

9 – 16th, Walter Fat [Kashtira]

Source: Retlaw Taf

9 – 16th, Renz Pongco [Kashtira]

Source: Renz Carlo Pongco

9 – 16th, John Michael Losito [Mathmech]

Source: John Michael Losito

9 – 16th, Armell-John Gabuya [Rescue-ACE]

Source: Armell-John Gabuya

9 – 16th, Nathaniel Laureano [Floowandereeze]

Source: Nathaniel Laureano

9 – 16th, John Emmanuel Gamban [Kashtira]

Source: @_badiiiii

9 – 16th, Michael Renzo Are [Purrely]

Source: Michael Renzo

9 – 16th, Alfred Anthony Reyes [Rescue-ACE]

Source: Alfred Anthony Reyes


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