OCG 2022.04 Metagame Report #10

Welcome to Week #10 of the OCG 2022.04 format.

This report will tabulate 78 top-performing decks from 18 tournaments that were held in Japan and China Mainland during 3 – 8 June 2022.


Metagame Breakdown

  • 30 Spright
  • 20 Tearlaments (12 Ishizu Tearlaments, 4 Branded Tearlaments, 1 Branded Ishizu Tearlaments, 1 Grass Branded Tearlaments, 1 Shaddoll Tearlaments, 1 Tearlaments)
  • 4 Virtual World (3 Adventurer Virtual World, 1 Virtual World)
  • 3 Shaddoll (2 Grass Tearlaments Shaddoll, 1 Grass Ishizu Tearlaments Shaddoll)
  • 2 Drytron
  • 2 Exosister
  • 2 HERO
  • 2 Runick
  • 1 Altergeist
  • 1 Dark Magician
  • 1 Mathmech Code Talker
  • 1 Mathmech Swordsoul
  • 1 Mathmech @Ignister
  • 1 P.U.N.K. Adamancipator
  • 1 P.U.N.K. Megalith
  • 1 Rikka
  • 1 Spright Agent
  • 1 Spright Evil★Twin
  • 1 Spright Tri-Brigade
  • 1 SPYRAL
  • 1 Tearlaments Branded Despia



Kinnikun (きんにくそ) went 7-0 (excluding 1 bye) and finished 3rd in “22nd Hagetaka CS” (3v3 Team) which had 30 teams (90 participants).

Running 3 Nimble Beaver and 1 Nimble Angler in the Main Deck is another alternative to Deep Sea Diva. Deep Sea Diva runs the risk of fizzling when the other 2 copies are sent to the graveyard by the opponent’s Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard or Agido the Ancient Sentinel ② effect. On the other hand, Nimble Beaver could Special Summon from the deck or graveyard, so even if all Nimble monsters in deck are sent to the graveyard is not an issue. Nimble Beaver is also a non-targeting effect, and only chooses to Special Summon from deck or graveyard during resolution, hence it cannot be disrupted by Keldo the Sacred Protector or Mudora the Sword Oracle ② effect. Having Nimble Angler sent from deck to graveyard by Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard or Agido the Ancient Sentinel ② effect is an extra bonus as it could Special Summon up to 2 Nimble Beaver from deck.

The increase in board breaking build of Spright results in lesser ‘hand traps’ being played, making Triple Tactics Talent harder to activate, so Kinnikun decided to cut it from the deck.



Masio (ましお) went 7-1 and finished 1st in “22nd Hagetaka CS” (3v3 Team) which had 30 teams (90 participants).

Mudora the Sword Oracle was often played at 0 – 2 copies in the early builds of Ishizu Tearlaments, but with the increase in mirror match, Mudora the Sword Oracle is becoming necessary at 3 copies. Other than being able to fetch Gravekeeper’s Trap, Mudora the Sword Oracle is also a Level 4 monster that could be Special Summoned and is useful for Xyz Summoning Abyss Dweller.



In the final stretch of OCG 2022.04, Spright stayed at the top, but with a diminished hold on the metagame. After 6 consecutive weeks of sitting at more than 50% of the top placements, Spright drops to 38.5% this week.

Tearlaments has been consistently behind Spright, but was lagging by quite a distant. The new Ishizu cards was the power boost that Tearlaments needed to seize a bigger piece of the pie from Spright.

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18 Responses

  1. Alonso Horta says:

    Pretty sure the dweller play is illegal, agido needs to be sent from hand or deck to mill 5

  2. Dtiopoio says:

    Anyone found the math mech sworsdsoul list ?

  3. Jan says:

    2 Exosister
    Can we see the Decklists?

  4. StepOnJello says:

    What’s the point of the Evil Twins in the Side Deck?

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s for Artemate Slay when you send Trouble Sunny.

    • Hito says:

      Trouble Sunny target. You send sunny to graveyard using Artemate Slay to return 1 link monster to hand, then you can activate sunny effect in graveyard.

  5. El siniestro says:

    could anyone give me the dark magician decklist? I could´t find it.

  6. Pendekar Pecal says:

    excuse me, is there a youtube channel where i can watch any of these tournaments gameplay? Thank you

    • Deproissant says:

      Next Play has their own YouTube channels. They used to upload regularly every day at 8 pm Japanese time (which, judging by your name, might be 6 pm your time), but last few months have been sparse to say the least.

      Not sure about the other ones though.

  7. Lamb says:

    I noticed as of recently a lot of decks run Solemn Judgment in the Side Deck, some even Warning/Strike on top of it (like in the featured Splight deck). Why is that? My main guess would be countering board breakers when going 1st but that wouldn’t explain the other Solemn traps…

    some insight would be helpfull as I’m not too familiar with the current OCG format and the OCG in general

    • Windyz says:

      Usually Warning negates the Summons of important monsters, and Judgment is an all-rounder for everything. Siding them in when you have the option to go first can be somewhat helpful.
      I don’t see Strike here but it also could hit some stuff as well.

  8. Cazuelo says:

    Anyone has the punk megalith list?? I need to see how it works

  9. Curtis says:

    I want to see the altergeist list

  10. Robin says:

    Seeing a current exosister list would be so nice

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