OCG 2021.10 Metagame Report #6

Welcome to Week #6 of the OCG 2021.10 format.

This report will tabulate 77 top-performing decks from 13 tournaments that were held in Japan during 6 – 10 November 2021.


New Product Release

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures Manga Volume 4
    • Starring Knight


Metagame Breakdown

  • 25 Phantom Knights (24 Destiny HERO Adventurer Phantom Knights, 1 Danger Phantom Knights)
  • 10 Floowandereeze
  • 9 Eldlich (8 Eldlich, 1 Grass Destiny HERO Eldlich)
  • 7 Swordsoul (3 Destiny HERO Swordsoul, 2 Swordsoul, 1 Destiny HERO Tenyi Swordsoul, 1 Tenyi Swordsoul)
  • 3 Drytron
  • 3 Adventurer Prank-Kids
  • 2 Adamancipator
  • 2 Grass Destiny HERO Invoked Shaddoll
  • 2 Megalith FTK
  • 2 Salamangreat
  • 1 Adventurer Dragon Link
  • 1 Adventurer Good Stuff
  • 1 Adventurer Swordsoul Yang Zing Tenyi
  • 1 Destiny HERO Adventurer Sky Striker
  • 1 Destiny HERO Cyberdark Orcust Chaos Dragon Link
  • 1 Destiny HERO Frightfur Despia
  • 1 Fluffal
  • 1 HERO
  • 1 Madolche
  • 1 SPYRAL
  • 1 Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc
  • 1 @Ignister


Phantom Knights

Kosaka Kouki “魔鏡” (2019 World Champion) went 6-2 and finished 2nd in “12th Wayo CS” (3v3 Team) which had 30 teams (90 participants).

He dropped Artifact Scythe and Artifact Dagda, reverting back to I:P Masquerena. Although Artifact Scythe is still powerful in the Phantom Knights mirror match, it has no impact on Floowandereeze and Eldlich, which have been seeing an increase in usage.

He ran 2 Gozen Match in the Side Deck against Floowandereeze, Swordsoul and Prank-Kids.


Hiyama Shunsuke “ひやま” (2015, 2016 World Champion) went 7-0-1 and finished 2nd in “12th Wayo CS” (3v3 Team) which had 30 teams (90 participants).

Similar to his teammate, he chose to drop Artifact Scythe and Artifact Dagda from his build.

He ran 3 Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries in the Side Deck against Phantom Knights and Prank-Kids. Most of Phantom Knights’ disruption rely on Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer and pre-emptively banishing it with Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries would also disable the Artifact Scythe strategy in the mirror match.

Against Prank-Kids, he chose to run Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries to deny their 1-card combo. kazuma from the champion team in the same tournament chose to run Prank-Kids Battle Butler instead for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. He reasoned that banishing Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu is not a foolproof method to disrupt Prank-Kids as the opponent could follow up with One for One or Prank-Kids Pandemonium. Hence banishing their biggest threat Prank-Kids Battle Butler is a more reliable countermeasure. Even if Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries is drawn late during the Draw Phase, it can still be used to banish Prank-Kids Battle Butler since Prank-Kids Pandemonium can only be activated during the Main Phase.



Kutora (クトラ) went 7-1 and finished 1st in “62nd Taiyo CS” which had 32 participants.

In a previous tournament that he participated in, he lost a game where he drew multiple Token Collector and was unable make any plays. So now he added 1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and 1 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon – Overlord in his Extra Deck to enable his Token Collectors to go into Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder.



Shin went 7-1 and finished 1 – 2nd in “4th DCS Team” (3v3 Team) which had 32 teams (96 participants).

He ran the full floodgate trinity of 3 Rivalry of Warlords, 3 Gozen Match and 3 There Can Be Only One in the Main Deck. While Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match and could lockout most decks in the metagame, There Can Be Only One fills in the gap that is Floowandereeze.



Lipton (りぷとん) went 8-0 (including bye) and finished 1st in “Liberal Arts CS” which had 33 participants.

Despite Dimension Shifter being one of the more impactful ‘hand trap’ in the current metagame, a number of players are running them in the Side Deck instead of the Main Deck due to the increase in Floowandereeze decks recently.



Midway into the OCG 2021.10 format, Phantom Knights is without a doubt the top choice for the current metagame, having held onto the 1st position for 6 continuous week. It speaks volume when two World Champions Hiyama Shunsuke (2015, 2016 World Champion) and Kosaka Kouki (2019 World Champion) have chosen to play Destiny HERO Adventurer Phantom Knights for this format.

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