OCG 2019.04 Metagame Report #2

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10 Responses

  1. Dreadkhain says:

    Infernoid list please?

  2. asvgar123 says:

    I wonder if OCG would eventually drop Lady Debug in favor of even more lvl 3s, as they can fill the same role anyway through Stallio. With Ash blossom semi-limited, as well as other metadecks demanding active cards going second I can see that possible.

  3. Scr4fty says:

    Why Orcust decklists plays brigandine if they dont play the azazoth lock or the time thief that is played in TCG?

  4. Amet says:

    Again… Mekk-Knight Deck Profile

    Please :3

  5. Chaos says:

    You put two conclusions, change the 2nd to sources

  6. darkman7 says:

    whats the reason people choose to play both psychics instead of backup secretary + 1 psychic due to secretary being searchable and when you only play 1 you cant draw multiples?

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