OCG 2018.10 Metagame Report #2, #3

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9 Responses

  1. I don’t undestand how Magician continues to get tops with only 1 harmonizing, but i like it!

    • Hyperstar says:

      I would assume due to Astrograph, Joker and Double Iris Magician being only limited and Supreme King Starving Venom (to copy Electumite) being at 3…

  2. SorryImClueless says:

    What does the term “Greener” mean that is mixed with Goukis and infernoid in some decks? Is it an archetype? Also mono gouki means a deck consisting of only gouki monsters?? Sorry I am new to yugioh

  3. Emil says:

    Why do you never feature Magicians again? Last time you featured 4 decks and now 3 cutting Pendulums out

  4. Michael Aninang says:

    What card is in between the Metalfoes fusion and Starving Venom in the Altergeist decklist?

  5. Mr.H says:

    Could you make another combo tutorial?I really enjoy those and it helps me build my decks.Not that this doesn’t,it definitely helps let me know what to side deck for as I am new to OCG and cant speak Japanese.

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