OCG 2018.10 Metagame Report #1

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7 Responses

  1. John says:

    Alhtough I am not able to provide a financial support, once again I whole heartly want to say thank you for making this reports!

  2. Brandon says:

    Anyone planning to build Thunder Dragons in the TCG should be paying attention to this before they sink an unnecessary amount of money into a deck that consistently has under preformed.

    • That’s not gonna stop them from wasting money.

      But if they do get super cheap, I could then pick them up and try them with Nordics and their new link monster XD

  3. owen says:

    Thank you for this report and the effort you put into it. Once again great thanks

  4. JV says:

    Thank you for the consistent work. I always look forward to reading this on Friday

  5. Hoa Pham says:

    Thank you

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