OCG 2018.01 Metagame Report #5, #6

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10 Responses

  1. What the heck happened to Trickstars?

  2. solarbeam says:

    What’s the actual win condition of the Gouki deck? They seem to amass resources through Isolde and Saryuja, but what do they actually do with them?

  3. Morn Star says:

    Thanks for sharing!~
    I have one question that why many SuperKingMagican decks don’t have Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon or Norito the Moral Leader. Their final field will be easily destroyed by Dark Hole or Evenly Matched.
    I think Extra Deck could have 2 space for Odd-Eyes pair.

    • impendio says:

      With needlefiber you can put plenty of interrupts on your opponent’s turn expending way less resources than looping astrographs for absolute, so it’s almost never needed, and some lists do run norito, and in the end with red reboot and call from the grave it is just so much easier to just otk uninterrupted that you don’t need to focus on a defensive board if you can just push for game at demand.

    • Akira says:

      Dark Hole is not quite as devastating since they can always rebuild on the next turn as long as the Pendulum Scales remain.

      Evenly Matched is more problematic but most Japanese players circumvent it using PSY-Framelord Omega. If they suspect that the opponent is going to play Evenly Matched from hand by proposing to move to the Battle Phase, then they would activate Crystron Needlefiber to bring out Crystron Quandax and then Synchro Summon PSY-Framelord Omega.

      Omega’s effect can banish a random card from the opponent’s hand, in an attempt to banish Evenly Matched. And even if Omega failed to banish Evenly Matched, they would still have Omega on the next turn to muster a comeback.

  4. cochilocotv says:

    “Welcome to Week #5, #6 of the OCG 2018.01 format.” not it´s OCG 2018.02 ??

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