OCG 2017.10 Metagame Report #8

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6 Responses

  1. xanelcava says:

    very very interested to see what link vrains does to the meta in next weeks report 🙂

    • ibituruna says:


    • aerialated says:

      it did actually. rouge decks are popping up because it’s not easy to deal with things you don’t know how to deal with. i.e – Ritual Beast / Burning Abyss and whatnot.

      In fact, skill drain BA is popping up more and more after Cherubini was dropped and that’s kinda cool!

  2. Kaitul says:

    Is that the biggest Pie in the Meta?

  3. raccoon1412 says:

    can you explain why they prefer using Typhoon to other S/T removal? and thanks for your in-depth reports.

    • Akira says:

      Typhoon is for the Zefra match-up. When the opponent place 2 Pendulum Scale, that would allow Typhoon to be played from hand. So Typhoon could be used to disrupt the opponent’s Pendulum play even if they go first.

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