Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: KC Cup 2017 Nov

The Kaiba Corporation Cup 2017 November was held from 9 to 20 November 2017.

Stage 1 started on 9 November, while Stage 2 started on 17 November.

The Top 500 duelists of each region will earn a spot to play in the World Championship 2018 Qualifiers.


KC Cup 2017 Nov Global Ranking
1st United States Dkayed Ninja Three-Star Demotion DP: 130,565
2nd Japan フレール Cyber Angel Restart DP: 110,517
3rd Japan つんつん@豪遊組 Ninja Three-Star Demotion DP: 110,099
4th Kaizer DP: 104,112
5th Brazil [M1] Mathews Cyber Angel Mind Scan DP: 103,847
6th Japan やきとり@皆さんお疲れ! Ninja Three-Star Demotion DP: 97,816
7th Japan ナロ @ – N – Cyber Angel Restart DP: 96,762
8th Japan Kiw’i@悪ふざけ Cyber Angel Restart DP: 95,746
9th Japan くらき Zombie Beatdown! DP: 95,711
10th nemesion DP: 94,796


Going into the KC Cup 2017 Nov, everyone was expecting Cyber Angel and Red-Eyes Zombie to be the deck to beat. While Cyber Angel lived up to expectation, Ninja sneaked in from the shadows and finished 1st in the overall Global Ranking.

Ninja had the advantage of being able to play around Cyber Angel Dakini‘s effect using Black Dragon Ninja‘s effect. Black Dragon Ninja‘s 2800 ATK is also just a bit higher than Cyber Angel Dakini‘s 2700 ATK.

Black Dragon Ninja‘s effect could also be used offensively by banishing itself. Its Trigger Effect would then Special Summon itself, enabling it to perform another attack during the same Battle Phase. Ninja was able to finish up games faster than Cyber Angel, and thus was able grind for more DP within the same amount of time.


1st, Dkayed

Source: Duel Links Meta

Ninja (Three-Star Demotion)


2nd, フレール

Source: @freresduellinks

Cyber Angel (Restart)


3rd, つんつん

Source: @tun4dd

Ninja (Three-Star Demotion)


5th, Mathews

Source: Renan Sparrow

Cyber Angel (Mind Scan)


6th, やきとり

Source: AppMedia

Ninja (Three-Star Demotion)


7th, ナロ – N –

Source: @NxCards

Cyber Angel (Restart)


8th, Kiw’i

Source: @kiw9i

Cyber Angel (Restart)


9th, くらき

Source: @yuiygo

Zombie (Beatdown!)

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