OCG 2017.04 Metagame Report #6

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3 Responses

  1. Isaac says:

    I wonder why that true draco demise deck put firewall dragon in its extra (probably for cherry blossom). Link decks aren’t performing well, so why bother? Crystal wing would be a better choice, in my opinion.

    • Akira says:

      There was a player who finished 3rd with an Infernity FTK deck on Friday, so the Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries for Firewall Dragon is likely prepared against him.

      I don’t think Ghost Reaper is sided in for the Windwitch Spellbook True Draco match-up, so Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is not quite useful either. But Zoodiac Broadbull and Zoodiac Chakanine would be nice to go with Ghost Reaper.

  2. Could you share the darklord list?

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