OCG 2017.01 Metagame Report #6, #7

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4 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    Why do people play the ramram

  2. i wonder how the meta will change when the new rules get applied.

  3. evc says:

    Why is Flying “C” in the side deck as opposed to main deck?

  4. Felix says:

    Thanks to Ramram (Only Need 1) and MACR Support (Lyca & Hammerkong), Zoodiac Player have 2 more access 1 Card Barrage/Ratpier
    >OTK with 8100 Open Field
    >2 Daigusto + 1 Drident
    (Which is Obviously a more Complicated Combo than D/D, i can’t tell the combo because i’m Lazy to tell this 20+ Moves)

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