OCG 2017.01 Metagame Report #5

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9 Responses

  1. Jeremy Bird-Fremont says:

    Love the new chart, much more informative 😀

  2. Katsura Kotarou says:

    What are the reasons that took Infernoids out of the map ?

    • Akira says:

      Simply because of Ghost Ash & Spring Flowers – it can negate:
      That Grass Looks Greener
      Left Arm Offering
      Monster Gate
      Infernoid Decatron
      Void Imagination
      Void Vanishment
      Void Madness
      Bujintei Kagutsuchi

    • Katsura Kotarou says:

      Thank you

  3. Khazar says:

    It’s amazing how the introduction of just one hand trap can dramatically shift the entire meta game

  4. DatBoi420 says:

    so… tier 0 much?
    75% is not ok
    plez ban molmorat

  5. Guardian8 says:

    Is anyone else tired of seeing pretty much nothing more than zodiacs? There’s the other 25 percent, but unfortunately the decks that make up that percentage don’t stand as much of a chance. I don’t know, it’s kinda boring when everyone’s playing the same thing 🙂

  6. Etheric Sanctuary says:

    I use the old utopia deck and i often duel against opponents with zodiacs. I won more times than losing against zodiac decks. But, i always had to be really concentrate to win the duel. And, well, I admit that zodiac decks are pretty good.

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