OCG 2017.01 Metagame Report #1, #2

Welcome to Week #1, #2 of the OCG 2017.01 format.

After a short break over the New Year weekend, tournaments are now back on schedule and a couple of major tournaments were held over the last weekend.

This report will tabulate 75 top-performing decks from 15 tournaments that were held in Japan, China, Philippines and Taiwan during 1 – 9 January 2017.


Metagame Breakdown

  • 23 Zoodiac (8 Kaiju, 1 Artifact, 1 Artifact Paleozoic variant)
  • 18 Infernoid (10 Lawnmowing Zoodiac, 4 Zoodiac, 3 Lawnmowing, 1 Lawnmowing Kaiju Zoodiac variant)
  • 16 Invoked (11 Zoodiac, 2 Artifact Windwitch, 2 Artifact Zoodiac, 1 Kaiju Zoodiac variant)
  • 7 Zoodiac Metalfoes
  • 4 Zoodiac Magician
  • 7 Others:
    • 1 Artifact Red-Eyes
    • 1 Barrier Statue
    • 1 Chain Burn
    • 1 Frog Paleozoic
    • 1 Lawnmowing Zoodiac Lightsworn
    • 1 Lawnmowing Zoodiac Shiranui Lightsworn
    • 1 Zoodiac Kozmo



In a surprise turn of events, Zoodiac returns as the most popular top-placing deck for the initial weeks of OCG 2017.01.

Notable Japanese players, Hiyama Shunsuke (2015, 2016 World Champion) and Momiji Daiki (World Championship 2016 Quarter-Finalist), were playing mono Zoodiac and won the 28th Adachi CS together as a team.

Here is a video of the 28th Adachi CS Final Match, Hiyama (Zoodiac) vs Tommy (Zoodiac Invoked): 第28回足立CS決勝戦.



Lawnmowing Zoodiac Infernoid has cement itself as the leading Infernoid build.

Interestingly, a couple of players are playing Interrupted Kaiju Slumber in the Side Deck.

This opens up an alternative play for the Zoodiac Infernoid player to go into the Kaiju Zoodiac combo in the event that the opponent activates Artifact Lancea and locks out their Infernoids.



Invoked struggles as players are now prepared with Artifact Lancea against them.

In a similar fashion as Infernoid, Zoodiac Invoked players are running Interrupted Kaiju Slumber in the Side Deck to prevent being single-handedly shut down by Artifact Lancea or Dimensional Barrier.



With Zoodiac Hammerkong and Zoodiac Chakanine joining from Maximum Crisis, Zoodiac is set to remain as one of the top decks to beat in the upcoming weeks.



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4 Responses

  1. Khazar says:

    Did Hiyama Shinsuke use the same deck as Momiji Daiki? I’m curious as to why Mirror Force was used over Storming Mirror Force.

    • Akira says:

      Hiyama did not share his deck list, but I believe that his deck would be similar. Their third teammate, kira, was running a very similar list to Momiji.

      A good number of the variant decks using Zoodiac engine can only afford to run just a set of the Zoodiac Xyz Monsters and 1 Daigusto Emeral due to space constraint in the Extra Deck. Mirror Force prevents them from performing a second round of the Zoodiac combo.

  2. Shiki says:

    you got da ydks for that lawnmowing infernoid deck bro? considering they’re ocg/new cards I don’t recognize a lot of them.

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