Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship 2017 Philippines Winter Qualifier

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship 2017 Philippines Winter Qualifier was held on 7 & 8 January 2017 and had 170 walk-in participants and 2 seeded players.

Top 4 deck lists are available below.
The full Top 16 deck lists are available at The Organization.

1st Francis Amoroso Barrier Statue
2nd Gerald Mercado Kaiju Zoodiac
3 – 4th Junely Santos Zoodiac Invoked
Mel Stychen Tan Zoodiac Invoked
5 – 8th Roy Gonzales Artifact Zoodiac Kozmo
Jonathan Edsel Gozon Zoodiac Invoked
Zaccheus Liwanag Lawnmowing Zoodiac Infernoid
Carlo Santos Kaiju Zoodiac

Asia Championship 2017 Philippines Winter Qualifier Top 4
Junely Santos, Francis Amoroso, Gerald Mercado, Stychen Tan


1st, Francis Amoroso [Barrier Statue]

Source: The Organization


2nd, Gerald Mercado [Kaiju Zoodiac]

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Philippines


3 – 4th, Junely Santos [Zoodiac Invoked]

Source: The Organization


3 – 4th, Mel Stychen Tan [Zoodiac Invoked]

Source: The Organization



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12 Responses

  1. Philippe Vernier says:

    What is the decklist of the anti-meta deck?

  2. Sam says:

    What exactly was the Anti-Meta deck? Rock Stun. ect.

    • Akira says:

      Barrier Statue Stun – Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Jowgen the Spiritualist, Barrier Statue of the Torrent.

    • William A Lopez says:

      That sounds like Barrier Stun deck. It’s a cheap and effective deck. You just run 3 Dynas, 3-4 Statues, card of demise and moon mirror shield. Then you can run whatever spells and traps you want like more draw power if ya want. No extra deck needed for this deck

    • Raidou says:

      There is no moon mirror Shield on the build. He used mage power instead.

    • Philippe vernier says:

      Can you write what you have seen in the deck?

    • William A Lopez says:

      Just search Barrier Stun. You can build it however you want to. Some people run hand traps and some don’t. I personally don’t run hand traps since it conflicts with card of demise, but that just me. I also choose to run Moon mirror shield over mage power since it can’t be run over as easily as with mage power, but mage power allows for the deck to finish faster. Honestly, how you build it is up to you entirely.

    • Raidou says:

      He ran.
      3 fossil Dyna
      2 Rai-Oh
      3 Barrier Statues ( 2 Water, 1 wind)
      3 Demise
      3 Duality
      2 Desires
      3 Mage Power
      ? Forbidden Lance
      3 Quaking Mirror Force
      1 Storming Mirror Force
      1 Mirror Force
      ? Phantom Knights Sword
      ? Phantom Knights Wing
      3 Dark Bribe
      2 Huge Revolution is Over
      3 Solemn Strike
      1 Solemn Judgment
      1 Solemn Warning
      1 Mistake

      Side deck
      3 Maxx C
      1 Jowgen
      1 Dark Hole

      Can’t remember the rest of it.

  3. badfr20 says:

    The Champ ran, 3 pot of desires, 3 card of demise 2 pot of duality as a main engine and packed backrow protection cards like huge revolution is over and dark bribe. His monster line up was had 3 maxx C, 2 raiou, 3, fossil dyna, 3 barrier statue (2 water, 1 wind). He won games using maxx C powered by mage power with 5 backrow.

  4. alejandro de la torre says:

    Can you please post the other top 8 decklists? If they want to reveal them of course.

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