OCG 2016.10 Metagame Report #6

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7 Responses

    • xplay10 says:

      If these past few weeks have come to show, as well as how this week only had 4 decks without a Zodiac Beast engine, more than likely Tier 0.5.

  1. The Wanderer says:

    tier 0 i guess

  2. tom12662 says:

    It’s a 0.5….nekroz, pepe, rulers were tier 0…these deck can quickly recover from a field clearance…..Konami need to bring another top teir deck to compete with it to balance the meta(they don’t ban cards that recently release until a few seasons past) most likely in the maximum crisis. Pack….I looking out for that hypothetical wind pendulum rituals….

  3. Infernoids are doing pretty well too. I hope for their continued successes.

  4. Phemie says:

    What’s with the zoodiac?

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