OCG 2015.04 Metagame (1 Apr – 30 Sep 2015)


The rotation of the new OCG 2015.10 Forbidden and Limited List marks the end of the OCG 2015.04 format.

Konami had announced that there were no changes to the OCG Forbidden and Limited List on 1st July 2015, giving the OCG 2015.04 format an extended run.

With a total of 1110 top placing decks from 112 utmost competitive Japanese tournaments, here is the final metagame breakdown of the OCG 2015.04 format.

Edit on 6th October 2015: New data of a tournament running on the OCG 2015.04 format was just released, pushing Performapal Performage to 1st and dropping HERO to 2nd. The article has been updated to reflect the changes.


Metagame Breakdown



  • 216 Performapal Performage (27 Magician, 3 Magician Majespecter, 2 Magician HERO, 1 Majespecter, 1 Heroic Challenger variant)
  • 211 HERO (9 Clown Blade, 7 Artifact, 1 Infernity variant)
  • 198 Nekroz (4 Atlantean, 4 Deskbot, 1 Clown Blade variant)
  • 117 Atlantean (32 Mermail, 11 Artifact, 7 Genex, 4 Genex Mermail variant)
  • 64 Magician (15 Clown Blade, 5 Majespecter, 4 Artifact, 3 HERO, 3 Infernity, 2 Performage Infernity, 2 Performage Majespecter, 1 Majespecter HERO, 1 Clown Blade HERO, 1 Performage, 1 Star Seraph variant)
  • 63 Qliphort
  • 56 Tellarknight
  • 48 Infernoid
  • 137 Others
    • 36 Clown Blade (3 Volcanic, 2 Artifact, 2 Star Seraph, 1 Junk Doppel variant)
    • 29 Shaddoll (19 Train, 2 Artifact, 2 Hand, 2 Volcanic, 1 Deskbot variant)
    • 11 Artifact (3 Chronomaly, 2 Constellar, 1 Chronomaly Galaxy, 1 Insect, 1 Hand variant)
    • 10 Majespecter (1 Performage, 1 Performapal variant)
    • 7 Ritual Beast
    • 6 Raidraptor
    • 4 Evilswarm
    • 4 Yang Zing
    • 4 Yosenju
    • 3 Bujin
    • 3 Infernity
    • 3 Train (2 Volcanic, 1 Machina variant)
    • 2 Cyber (1 Batteryman variant)
    • 2 Igknight (1 Infernity, 1 Majespecter variant)
    • 2 Performapal
    • 2 Six Samurai
    • 1 Chow Len Beat
    • 1 D/D
    • 1 Dark World
    • 1 Deskbot
    • 1 Heraldic Beast
    • 1 Monarch
    • 1 Melodious
    • 1 Volcanic
    • 1 Wind-Up


Performapal Performage


Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer

Relatively new to the scene, Performapal Performage first made its appearance after the release of Dimension of Chaos on the 18th July 2015.

In a mere 2 months, Performapal Performage dominated the scene and outclassed every other archetype.

Performapal Performage locks out the opponent with a combination of Traptrix Rafflesia, Number 16: Shock Master and/or Tellarknight Ptolemaeus.

Tellarknight Ptolemaeus allows the player to go into Constellar Pleiades, Cyber Dragon Infinity or Outer Entity Azathoth.

The recursive Pendulum Summoning in Performapal Performage gives them a strong unfair advantage throughout the game.

  • Tellarknight Ptolemaeus – 3 → 0

Performapal Performage has a weaker opening play now, but remains a strong contender in the OCG 2015.10 format.




Masked HERO Dark Law

HERO was not outright dominating, but it had been performing rather consistently throughout the 6 months.

Masked HERO Dark Law together with a combination of Traptrix Rafflesia, Number 16: Shock Master and/or Tellarknight Ptolemaeus into is a common opening that denies the opponent of any play.

However, HERO runs out of steam after their opening play, often unable to keep up with the explosive plays from Performapal Performage.

  • Elder Entity Norden – 3 → 0
  • Tellarknight Ptolemaeus – 3 → 0
  • Elemental HERO Shadow Mist – 3 → 1
  • Elemental HERO Bubbleman – 2 → 3

The OCG 2015.10 format has hit HERO rather hard, banning Tellarknight Ptolemaeus and limiting Elemental HERO Shadow Mist.




Nekroz of Trishula

Nekroz continued on its strong streak from the OCG 2014.01 format, but has been outclassed since the rise of the Pendulum archetypes.

The slower Nekroz was unable to keep up with the strong opening from HERO or Performapal Performage and often find themselves behind in resources when competing against Pendulum Summon.

  • Tellarknight Ptolemaeus – 3 → 0
  • Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz – 3 → 1
  • Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands – 2 → 3

The limiting of Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz is perhaps the final nail in the coffin for Nekroz.




Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince

Atlantean is that wild combo deck that performs incredibly when the player draws the nuts throughout the tournament.

However, Atlantean sometimes just fall flat on itself too.

The huge variance for Atlantean makes it an unreliable contender when Performapal Performage can consistently open with a lock-down.

  • Elder Entity Norden – 3 → 0
  • Deep Sea Diva – 3 → 1

Despite their mediocre performance, it was finally time for Deep Sea Diva to go.





Magician was a one-trick pony that depended on recurring Mist Valley Apex Avian through Pendulum Summon, but they were quickly replaced by the much more consistent Performapal Performage.

Requiring a Magician card in the other Pendulum Zone for their Pendulum Effect is quite a restrictive drawback, limiting their potential to abuse Performage Flame Mascot.

  • Tellarknight Ptolemaeus – 3 → 0
  • Insight Magician – 3 → 1

It is quite a surprise that Insight Magician was limited considering that Magician hasn’t really been performing. Perhaps it was a preemptive move for future Magician card design.




The new OCG 2015.10 Forbidden and Limited List has crippled 4 out of the Top 5, notably the older archetype.

The relatively newer archetype Performapal Performage remains untouched and will continue to dominate in the new OCG 2015.10 format.

The release of Extra Pack 2015 and Structure Deck R: Advent of the Legendary Monarch introduced Burning Abyss and Monarch to the metagame, and both have left a strong impression in the competitive scene.

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6 Responses

  1. kaue says:

    you think ua will be at least a rogue deck?

    • Akira says:

      I think U.A. suffers from being a rather fair archetype; it doesn’t generate a substantial amount of card advantage or restricts the opponent’s moves to give themselves enough of a leading edge.

      As a result, they are unable to compete against the more explosive decks like Performapal Performage or Burning Abyss.

  2. Renan says:

    These metagame posts are my favorite. I want to know what is your oppinion about this banlist and if you think there are any other cards that should be hit, based on tournament performance

    • Akira says:

      Thanks for the support!

      I think that the latest banlist is an obvious attempt by Konami to rotate out the older dominating archetype like HERO, Nekroz and Atlantean in order to make way for the newer archetype like Burning Abyss and Monarch. It’s a rational business strategy.

      I’m personally surprised that Performage Flame Mascot was left untouched; the amount of card advantage that it generates with Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer or Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer is quite absurd. But on the other hand it’s reasonable that Konami is reluctant to hit relatively newer cards – nothing is more disappointing than having your newly bought cards being banned/restricted in a mere 2-3 months.

  3. I concur, and personally I LOVE the metagame posts as well. 😀
    Any TCG banlist thoughts you have?

    • Akira says:

      Thanks for the compliments.

      I don’t play the TCG, so it’s difficult for me to give a fair assessment, but it seems to be following the same trend where Konami is rotating out several recent archetypes like Nekroz, Burning Abyss, Qliphort, Shaddoll and Ritual Beast.

      All these seems to be paving the way for the upcoming Pendulum archetypes like Performapal Performage to take over the competitive scene.

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