Master Duel Xyz Festival

The first Master Duel event is currently underway and features a special restriction to shift the spotlight onto Xyz Monsters. This article will showcase some decks that are finetuned for the Xyz Festival.


Xyz Festival

When it comes to Xyz Summon, Zoodiac would be the first that comes to mind. Zoodiac Drident and Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder are game-winning by themselves, and the slower pace of the Xyz Festival format saw Zoodiac running Pot of Avarice to recycle them. Zoodiac could also be built with a small budget. Zoodiac Drident and Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder are the only 2 core UR of the deck, while most of the other generic Spell/Trap cards can be replaced with low rarity alternatives, such as Book of Moon, Forbidden Chalice, Mystical Space Typhoon, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Paleozoic Dinomischus.

Numeron has been making its presence felt as a swift One Turn Kill (OTK) deck, resulting in some players running Battle Fader, Swift Scarecrow, Threatening Roar in the Main Deck. These cards could also be used to stop Zoodiac Boarbow and Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale from making direct attacks and thus deny the opponent from summoning Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder in their Main Phase 2.

Lyrilusc, Phantom Knights and Burning Abyss are some other Xyz themes that could function with just their Xyz Monsters. On the other hand, Magician and Virtual World are significantly weaker without Synchro Monsters, but the event has also brought out some interesting innovations from creative deck builders.

Magician has turned to using Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir as their opening play. In a format without Link Monsters, Bagooska in face-up Defense Position essentially shutdowns all Monster Effects that activates on the field.

Virtual World relies on making Synchro Monsters to have two Level 9 monsters for Xyz Summoning True King of All Calamities. Without Synchro Monsters, Virtual Would has turned to using Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal to send Trias Hierarchia from deck to graveyard. Trias Hierarchia could then Special Summon itself from the graveyard by tributing Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. The second Level 9 monster is fulfilled by using Virtual World Gate – Chuche graveyard effect on a Level 6 Virtual World monster to change it to Level 9.

Xyz Festival has pre-emptively put Eldlich and True Draco as forbidden on their special Limit Regulation, but there are still other strategies available that do not require Xyz Monsters.

Burn deck could lock out the opponent’s Main Monster Zones using “Ojama Tokens” from Ojama Trio and Ojama Duo in a format without Link Monsters. The “Ojama Tokens” also contribute to the win condition by increasing the damage for Just Desserts, Secret Blast and Secret Barrel.

Qliphort and Phantasm Spiral are two decks that could effectively utilize Skill Drain. Zoodiac Xyz Monsters and Numeron Xyz Monsters are of no threat without their Monster Effects.

Overall, Xyz Festival has been a blast of nostalgia. In a slower format without Link Monsters, old classics such as Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir, Book of Moon and Compulsory Evacuation Device are able to shine once again.

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Zoodiac [db]

Source: Hinkinson Louis Takashi “ふぇり” (World Championship 2018 Japan Representative) @FeriFeriFeeri


Numeron [db]

Source: ヤマトーカイテイオー @suito_rukungrrx


Lyrilusc [db]

Source: ギャグナ @Gyaguna3966


Phantom Knights [db]

Source: もつく @nikomotsuku


Burning Abyss [db]

Source: おるか(ハルキィ) @halky_orca


Magician [db]

Source: ヒマワリ @himahitoken


Virtual World [db]

Source: D使い @yariza1010


Burn [db]

Source: ばあとる @baatoru_firu


Qliphort [db]

Source: 湯蔵 @yukurach


Phantasm Spiral [db]

Source: ユウくる☆みっくる @Youkuru_Vtuber

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  1. saljk says:

    why no suicide deck? they are the most important part of the meta!

    • Cipher says:

      Thank gawd they made it that you get 500 points now for winning instead of winning that scummy way, which still only gets you 50 points XD

  2. Suicide for 50 points says:

    This meta list is so wrong. Self destruction is the only meta deck XD

  3. gx4600 says:

    yeah played against a lot of galaxy-eyes too.

  4. madolchefan says:

    madolche with xyz encore works so well in this festival i got to finish the fest for less than a day

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