Master Duel Duelist Cup 2023 Dec

Master Duel Duelist Cup 2023 December was held from 7 – 18 December 2023. Players would have to reach Duelist Level 20 in Stage 1 before they could participate in Stage 2, where everyone would be ranked based on their accumulated Duelist Points.

The rank 1st player is invited to the Master Duel World Championship 2024, while the rest of the Top 100 players earn season points.

Top 100 Metagame Breakdown

  • 11.5 Branded (9.5 Grass Branded, 2 Branded)
  • 11.5 Vanquish Soul
  • 9.33 Dragon Link (8.33 Bystial Dragon Link, 1 Adventurer Bystial Dragon Link)
  • 9 Purrely (6 Ghostrick Purrely, 3 Purrely)
  • 6 Mathmech
  • 3.5 Runick (2.5 Runick, 1 Naturia Runick)
  • 3 Grass Tearlaments Thunder Dragon P.U.N.K. Bystial Necroface
  • 2.5 Spright Tri-Brigade
  • 2 Endymion
  • 2 Mathmech @Ignister
  • 1.83 Labrynth (1.5 Dogmatika Labrynth, 0.33 Labrynth)
  • 1.5 Kashtira
  • 1.5 Tearlaments (1 Tearlaments, 0.5 Kashtira Tearlaments)
  • 1.33 Zoodiac
  • 1 Branded Bystial Kashtira Scareclaw
  • 1 Dinosaur
  • 1 Magician
  • 1 Mannadium
  • 0.5 Spright

Of the Top 100 players, currently only 71 players and their decks have been made known.

Unlike traditional tournaments where players are locked into a single deck after submitting their deck lists, the Master Duel Duelist Cup allows players to freely switch between decks. For this tabulation, if the player ran multiple different decks, then the weightage of each deck will be divided by the total decks played. For example, Karmano finished in rank 1st and played 3 different decks during their Duelist Cup grind, thus contributing 0.33 Zoodiac, 0.33 Bystial Dragon Link and 0.33 Labrynth to the overall tally.

Top 100 Results

1st Karmano Zoodiac
Bystial Dragon Link
2nd RJay Vanquish Soul [2]
4th 鲁连清 Vanquish Soul [4]
5th 仁王と呼ばれた男
6th キノガッサ Grass Branded [6]
7th Magic
8th Ougai Grass Branded [8]
9th 烙印の栗子球 Grass Branded [9]
10th ぼーぎん Ghostrick Purrely [10]
11th CER.Daku Purrely
Spright Tri-Brigade
12th 酔象角 Ghostrick Purrely [12]
13th JudeuYGO Vanquish Soul [13]
14th CER. Greed Purrely [14]
15th Thetys Bystial Dragon Link [15]
16th N3shTCG Branded [16]
17th SeeYouAG Grass Branded [17]
18th はずれち Runick [18]
19th 虹羽 &巨龙撞击 Grass Branded [19]
20th つきかげ Ghostrick Purrely [20]
21st 公爵X
23rd CER.Sana Bystial Dragon Link
Vanquish Soul
24th 剣闘獣神 Kashtira
Dogmatika Labrynth
25th KG Ghostrick Purrely [25]
26th ClariS Tearlaments [26]
27th QuantalThink Mannadium [27]
28th ㅎㅅㅎ Purrely
Bystial Dragon Link
30th Anzu Mathmech [30]
31st 九山しか Grass Tearlaments Thunder Dragon P.U.N.K. Bystial Necroface [31]
32nd Bifrost Grass Branded [32]
34th カズカズ Mathmech [34]
35th tani Vanquish Soul [35]
36th tiras Grass Branded [36]
38th zero Purrely [38]
39th こっじ [39]
40th カンボジアの十六夜アキ Grass Branded [40]
41st m1sect Spright Tri-Brigade [41]
42nd 落月 Endymion [42]
43rd 朔月絮雪 Bystial Dragon Link
Vanquish Soul
44th Daydream Vanquish Soul [44]
45th カラカラ Mathmech @Ignister [45]
47th BrandedDioYT Grass Branded [47]
48th フリーダム Mathmech [48]
49th MEKA
50th たすく Bystial Dragon Link
51st 早坂吝 Runick [51]
52nd ago Mathmech @Ignister [52]
54th すすす Dogmatika Labrynth [54]
56th カエ Vanquish Soul [56]
57th Trishula Adventurer Bystial Dragon Link [57]
59th Joel Vanquish Soul [59]
60th ばめも Bystial Dragon Link [60]
62nd shadi Naturia Runick [62]
63nd らら Grass Branded
Ghostrick Purrely
64th 罵倒する虚無 Branded Bystial Kashtira Scareclaw [64]
65th とまとーま Grass Tearlaments Thunder Dragon P.U.N.K. Bystial Necroface [65]
67th 梦辰娜 Bystial Dragon Link [67]
69th はくふ Vanquish Soul
Ghostrick Purrely
70th 半葉童话 Bystial Dragon Link [70]
71st 진심펀치 Mathmech [71]
72nd ターボ [72]
74th GSC mimoei Vanquish Soul [74]
75th Rhaaa [75]
76th シノワ Kashtira [76]
77th wallking
78th Ayane Branded [78]
79th ふみ. Bystial Dragon Link [79]
80th しのみや Ghostrick Purrely [80]
81st 金井凛 Vanquish Soul [81]
84th 料言耳 Dinosaur [84]
85th 心问?
86th 的撒的就萨克 Mathmech [86]
88th まっちょ Mathmech [88]
89th 梦小恒 Magician [89]
90th YGL 卡密 Bystial Dragon Link [90]
91st 잠만보ㅡㅡ Spright
Kashtira Tearlaments
92nd うえはら たかし Vanquish Soul [92]
93rd sakey Spright Tri-Brigade [93]
94th Jesse Kotton [94]
95th ほしまち Grass Tearlaments Thunder Dragon P.U.N.K. Bystial Necroface [95]
96th まぐろ Zoodiac [96]
99th KuriOverlord
100th SeisCore Endymion [100]


1st, Karmano [Zoodiac][Bystial Dragon Link][Labrynth]

Source: @KarmanoRY


2nd, RJay [Vanquish Soul]

Source: @FcgRjay, FCG RJay


4th, 鲁连清 [Vanquish Soul]

Source: 鲁连清_, @lulianqing1


6th, キノガッサ [Grass Branded]

Source: @game_endeavor


8th, Ougai [Grass Branded]

Source: 我不是Ougai, @ougai00238860


9th, 烙印の栗子球 [Grass Branded]

Source: 烙印の栗子球


10th, ぼーぎん [Ghostrick Purrely]

Source: @yugioh_bogin

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    Your work for these, as always, appreciated.

  2. Scorch says:

    Got a small addition: 99th place was KuriOverlord (aka John Wilkin), he’s the second player of the team currently ranked 22nd in Season Points.

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