Hiyama Shunsuke’s Decks

Hiyama Shunsuke made history at the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2016 when he successfully defended his title, becoming the very first two-time consecutive World Champion.

He is also the first duelist to make it to three consecutive World Championship finals.

Here is a look at Hiyama’s weapon of choice for the period between the 2015 and 2016 World Championships.


OCG 2015.10 – Performapal Performage

Date Tournament Placing Deck
2015-09-26 20th Aichi CS (3v3 Team) 1st Performapal Performage
2015-10-03 21st Aichi CS (3v3 Team) 1st Performapal Performage
2015-10-24 4th Adachi CS (3v3 Team) 3rd Performapal Performage

In the OCG 2015.10 format, Performapal Performage has outclassed every other deck.

No surprise that Hiyama was running Performapal Performage.



OCG 2016.01 – Performapal Dracoslayer

Date Tournament Placing Deck
2015-12-26 7th Adachi CS (3v3 Team) 3 – 4th Performapal Dracoslayer
2016-02-13 10th Adachi CS (3v3 Team) 2nd Performapal Dracoslayer
2016-03-05 28th Aichi CS (3v3 Team) 2nd Performapal Dracoslayer

Similarly in the OCG 2016.01 format, Performapal Dracoslayer was a tier above the rest.

Hiyama went with the flow and achieved respectable results with Performapal Dracoslayer.



OCG 2016.04 – Blue-Eyes

Date Tournament Placing Deck
2016-05-01 17th Adachi CS (3v3 Team) 4th Blue-Eyes
2016-05-02 2nd Baya CS (3v3 Team) 1st Blue-Eyes
2016-05-29 6th Miyabi CS (3v3 Team) 3rd Blue-Eyes

The OCG 2016.04 format was fairly balanced, with Blue-Eyes in the lead, just ahead of Speedroid Phantom Knights Burning Abyss, Metalfoes and D/D.

His initial deck build in the 17th Adachi CS ran Master with Eyes of Blue, similar to his World Championship 2016 deck.

However, he had improved his build and ran with a more standardized Blue-Eyes build later on.

As seen in his deck list below, he reused the same tactic of Xyz Universe with Cyber Dragon Infinity against Speedroid Phantom Knight Burning Abyss in his World Championship 2016 deck.



OCG 2016.07 – D/D

Date Tournament Placing Deck
2016-06-19 35th Aichi CS (3v3 Team) 1st D/D
2016-06-26 Espoir Game Chapter 4 ~The Lottery~ (3v3 Team) 4th D/D
2016-07-03 Hatti Grand Challenge Cup in KANAGAWA 3rd D/D
2016-07-09 1st Yu-Gi-Oh! NextOne CS with Hatti CS (3v3 Team) 1st D/D

While the top decks were unaffected by the OCG 2016.07 Forbidden and Limited List, the OCG 2016.07 format has Blue-Eyes being dethroned by the entry of ABC. ABC takes the lead, with Metalfoes trailing closely behind. Blue-Eyes and D/D follows, but with a huge gap to catch up.

Surprisingly, Hiyama broke away from his trend of playing the most popular deck in the format, and chose to run D/D instead.

His last known D/D build is quite standard, but a little outdated. It has yet to include Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal, which was later popularised in the Japan WCQ 2016.




Hiyama has shown discipline by choosing to run only 1 deck for each format. This allows him to be well-versed in his own deck so he can concentrate on understanding the various matchups in the metagame.

However, he also recognizes that as the format shifts, the power-level of each deck shuffles as well. As the new format rotates in, he would re-evaluate the metagame and pick a different deck (if necessary) that is able to compete adequately in the new metagame.



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  1. Nate says:

    U said his ddd deck is outdated how ??

  2. hanif says:

    Puh please, ddd deck is very consistent and flexible, although I have a little difficulties when building the deck cuz I also put magician in there

  3. Dion says:

    Keep it up, King 😀

  4. I still can’t understand why the OCG players don’t play Meteorburst in their DDD deck, it makes a nice combo with Ragnarok which can lead to easier Titanic Galaxy. Too bad the new banlist has Swirl and Lamia semi-limited.

    • Nick Barrett says:

      I might be mistaken but the combo with Meteorburst can make Siegfried + Crystal Wing + Omega anyway, so you might as well just do that and save a space in your extra deck since that field is auto-win anyway.

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