Hiyama Shunsuke’s Decks

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6 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    U said his ddd deck is outdated how ??

  2. hanif says:

    Puh please, ddd deck is very consistent and flexible, although I have a little difficulties when building the deck cuz I also put magician in there

  3. Dion says:

    Keep it up, King 😀

  4. I still can’t understand why the OCG players don’t play Meteorburst in their DDD deck, it makes a nice combo with Ragnarok which can lead to easier Titanic Galaxy. Too bad the new banlist has Swirl and Lamia semi-limited.

    • Nick Barrett says:

      I might be mistaken but the combo with Meteorburst can make Siegfried + Crystal Wing + Omega anyway, so you might as well just do that and save a space in your extra deck since that field is auto-win anyway.

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