Card Shops in Taipei, Taiwan

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  1. As an ex-pat living in Taiwan in 2017, this list has been invaluable to me. I will say though that I don’t think Miracle Era is there anymore. Just stopped by and they have a small shop with a couple of Pokémon tretta machines but that’s it. Thanks for the list!

    • Akira says:

      I believe that’s the shop according to their Facebook page, but I guess they don’t have much of Yu-Gi-Oh! anymore. Thanks for the update!

    • Jeff says:

      Hey I was wondering if you still play because I’m looking for English speaking players in Yugioh as well as vanguard.

  2. Alex Yeoh says:

    This is my experience with Mars on Dec 12 2017. It was my worst experience as an expatriate in Taiwan. The male worker attended to us was freaking rude and uncooperative.
    I brought my 11 years old son and he was so rude.
    Firstly he snatched a box away from my son, that he was probably working on instead of telling a young boy that he needs it.
    Secondly he doesn’t understand the excitement and enthusiasm of a young kid, great way of encouraging future players and card buyers from your shop.
    Thirdly any questions regarding a card is replied by a price! Until I told him off in Mandarin that I am not asking about the freaking prices. I just bought USD 500 worth of cards for my son in Japan yesterday. What is so big deal about NTD 50 cards?
    And lastly he is always reprimanding my son for the way he touches the card display books when he himself flips it like a karaoke song book!
    I went there because of this post, and I hope future buyers can get an insight on what they will experience with this guy.

  3. Noodleman says:

    Kua kua is freakin dope as hell. Will be going back again. Also, any English speaking players around here?

  4. Dan S says:

    Have any of you seen baseball card shops anywhere in Taipei?

  5. SugarDoughnut says:

    Went to a few card shops in Taipei City Mall ( the one linking from Beimen station to Taipei Main Station ) and I was amazed by the number of card shops there !

    You really have to keep a look out for the small shops as some of them kinda just sit between other bigger shops but I find that those shops often have the better prices in terms of singles and stuff. As I was in Taipei for about 2 weeks, I managed to visit each store and I bought something from most of them, the staff were very friendly and helpful and they tend to approach you without asking.

    It’s also good to look out for the price differences to save a little and for me at least, the smaller shops offered better bargains. I was looking out for a whole box of this product and the first shops I went into sold them at NT 1500 each, those were the really large stores ( can’t remember the name of it though ), as I explored I found another shop offering it at NT 1450, I was about to buy it but the staff that day wasn’t as aware about their products because when I approached the counter to pay, the staff told me that they didn’t have any of the product left when I clearly saw it on a display in the shop. I didn’t want to sound rude and point it out so I just told the worker it was fine and I went to another store. I finally found a super small store that was fronted by a glass display case of figures and it didn’t even look like a card shop until you looked into it ( somewhere between Y15-Y17 I think ). I found the thing I wanted at NT 1400 and the staff was even super nice and formal.

    Overall, the shopping experience I’ve had with the shops are all pretty good and as long as you ask nicely, the staff should be nice to you as well.

    • Akira says:

      Those small shops are what we call a Rental Box Shop. The shop is basically filled with glass display cases, and people can rent a box space to put up their own things for sale. In this case, players would rent a box and put up their own cards for sale. Because these cards are sold by players, they are often cheaper than what most card shops would offer. Those aren’t limited to just cards, people do put up figurines, toys, merchandises for sale too.

      I didn’t list them because technically they are not actual card shops. They do not have playing space for players and do not run any tournaments.

      Glad that you had a great time. Cheers.

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