Black Luster Soldier Tournament Philippines

Black Luster Soldier Tournament Philippines was held on 25 February 2023 and had 204 participants.


  • 7 rounds of Swiss
  • Top 16 wins a Prismatic Secret Rare Black Luster Soldier
1st Elvis Agoto Jr Ishizu Tearlaments
2nd Martin Owen Calleja Ishizu Tearlaments
3rd Aljon Padollon Ishizu Tearlaments
4th Archie Escober Tenyi Swordsoul
5th Michael Renzo Are Purrely
6th Christian Hilario Kashtira
7th Louren Vidad Ishizu Tearlaments
8th Anan Quipit Labrynth
9th Hiroshi Odate Ishizu Tearlaments
10th Jhay Mar Capili Floowandereeze
11th Keith Russel Ibañez Bystial Scareclaw Mannadium
12th Jaizeen Corpuz Vaylantz
13th Rod Allan Bonavente Kashtira
14th John Mark Sy Spright Tri-Brigade
15th Ronald De Vera Sky Striker
16th Renz Guizzagan Danger Dark World

BLS Tournament Philippines Top 16

1st, Elvis Agoto Jr [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @junjun_yp

2nd, Martin Owen Calleja [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: Martin Owen Gonzalez Calleja

3rd, Aljon Padollon [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: Jon Pad

4th, Archie Escober [Tenyi Swordsoul]

Source: Archie Escober

5th, Michael Renzo Are [Purrely]

Source: Michael Renzo

6th, Christian Hilario [Kashtira]

Source: Christian Hilario

7th, Louren Vidad [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @LourenV14

8th, Anan Quipit [Labrynth]

Source: Anan Quipit

9th, Hiroshi Odate [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: Hiroshi Odate

10th, Jhay Mar Capili [Floowandereeze]

Source: Tata Capili

11th, Keith Russel Ibañez [Bystial Scareclaw Mannadium]

Source: Keith Russel Ibañez

12th, Jaizeen Corpuz [Vaylantz]

Source: Jaizenn Zach Corpuz

14th, John Mark Sy [Spright Tri-Brigade]

Source: John Mark

15th, Ronald De Vera [Sky Striker]

Source: Ronald De Vera

16th, Renz Guizzagan [Danger Dark World]

Source: Renz Guizzagan

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    On my deck list, its pot of desires instead of pot of duality. Thanks

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    Hello, Pm’ed the FB page for my list. Thanks

  3. My deck list is on my Twitter profile. Thank you

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