AYT Thailand

Asia Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Thailand was held on 9 August 2020 in Bangkok and had 177 participants.


  • 7 rounds of Swiss


1st Thanachart Techajaroonjit Dogmatika Traptrix
2nd Satanantana Rungnoppakunsi Dragonmaid
3rd Nattapoom Sangsatitham Infernoble Knight
4th Tanet Nackneawdee Dragoon Grinder Eldlich
5th Rachan Phanthurat Orcust
6th Wittawin Waitsuparat Dogmatika Invoked
7th Sompong Phosai Machina Orcust
8th Chayatorn Rungsri Dragoon Orcust
9th Chayapol Anantadharm Dogmatika Eldlich
10th Pattarawee Kitpaiboonsombat Dragon Link
11th Phuttichai Khajornkiattikun Dogmatika Invoked


AYT Thailand Champion
Thanachart Techajaroonjit (left)


1st, Thanachart Techajaroonjit [Dogmatika Traptrix]

Source: Thanachart Techajaroonjit, Yugioh For You


2nd, Satanantana Rungnoppakunsi [Dragonmaid]

Source: Satanantana Rungnoppakunsi, @Satanantana2, Yugioh For You


3rd, Nattapoom Sangsatitham [Infernoble Knight]

Source: Yugioh For You


4th, Tanet Nackneawdee [Dragoon Grinder Eldlich]

Source: Yugioh For You


5th, Rachan Phanthurat [Orcust]

Source: Yugioh For You


6th, Wittawin Waitsuparat [Dogmatika Invoked]

Source: Yugioh For You


7th, Sompong Phosai [Machina Orcust]

Source: Sompong Phosai, Yugioh For You


8th, Chayatorn Rungsri [Dragoon Orcust]

Source: Orm Chayatorn, Yugioh For You


9th, Chayapol Anantadharm [Dogmatika Eldlich]

Source: Yugioh For You


10th, Pattarawee Kitpaiboonsombat [Dragon Link]

Source: Yugioh For You


11th, Phuttichai Khajornkiattikun [Dogmatika Invoked]

Source: Yugioh For You



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9 Responses

  1. JelloSlime says:

    Thailand seems to love Dragonmaid, I always saw Dragonmaid top their events left and right.

  2. DortmunderJungs says:

    what are the trap cards in the traptrix deck next to floodgate traphole and also one row above next to imperm?

    • Spectra says:

      dragma punishment, impermance, draconian prison,warning point,floodgate traphole,gravedigger’s traphole,time-space traphole, phantom knights shade brigadine,solemn judgement, imperial order

  3. LSB says:

    How did dragon link get to top 10 in this? What even is their combo? The best I can get with Black Metal/Seyfert + 1 discard is Borrelend + Savage.

    • Spectra says:

      buster lock (locking opponent from extra deck), savage, seals thats the standard i believe

    • LSB says:

      Seems like I will have to keep trying until I find a way to get spheres and carrier before using tracer’s effect..

  4. Spectra says:

    Always having seals isnt that possible in some hands, savage and union carrier-buster lock are the important part, normal summoning starleige seyert (getting black dragon and white dragon) or black metal dragon (getting red eyes metal dragon) is kinda full combo, then striker dragon has two uses to help setup pisty arrow so like you make one striker dragon first to get field spell (to ss hand rokkets) go into a link 2 like romulus to get ravine to fix hand or if you already have a good hand seals then have another striker on the left arrow then make a pisty so on, if you made romulus (for fixing your hands and have enough materials go for link 4 or 5) link 4 is decent cause of rokket mons targeted by a link monster effects and otking ofc, the 2 links between seals and union carrier can help link climb

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