OCG 2024.04 Metagame Report #6, #7

Welcome to Week #6, #7 of the OCG 2024.04 format.

This report tabulates 186 top-performing decks from 34 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam during 11 – 19 May 2024.

Metagame Breakdown

  • 47 Tenpai Dragon
  • 38 Snake-Eye (29 Fiendsmith Snake-Eye, 6 Snake-Eye, 1 Millennium Fiendsmith Snake-Eye, 1 Melodious Snake-Eye, 1 Yubel Snake-Eye)
  • 19 Yubel (18 Fiendsmith Yubel, 1 Yubel)
  • 10 Fire King (8 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King, 1 Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King, 1 Fire King)
  • 9 Voiceless Voice
  • 7 Labrynth (4 Labrynth, 2 Fiendsmith Labrynth, 1 Fiendsmith Unchained Labrynth)
  • 5 Fiendsmith Magical Musket
  • 4 Fiendsmith Unchained
  • 4 Gimmick Puppet (3 Horus Gimmick Puppet, 1 Gimmick Puppet)
  • 4 Runick
  • 4 White Forest (2 Centur-Ion Toy White Forest, 1 Horus White Forest, 1 Horus Centur-Ion White Forest)
  • 3 Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Rescue-ACE
  • 3 Salamangreat
  • 2 Centur-Ion
  • 2 Fiendsmith Chimera
  • 2 Infernoid (1 Grass Infernoid, 1 Fiendsmith Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid)
  • 2 Mannadium
  • 2 Memento (1 Memento, 1 Fiendsmith Memento)
  • 2 Ritual Beast
  • 1 Dragon Link
  • 1 Fiendsmith Cyberse
  • 1 Fiendsmith Evil★Twin
  • 1 Fiendsmith Spright
  • 1 Fiendsmith Vaalmonica
  • 1 Floowandereeze
  • 1 Grass Branded
  • 1 Grass Labrynth Tearlaments Paleozoic
  • 1 Grass Raidraptor
  • 1 Mathmech @Ignister
  • 1 Melodious Supreme King
  • 1 Millennium
  • 1 Millennium Superheavy Samurai Adamancipator
  • 1 Ninja
  • 1 Ragnaraika Sunavalon Rikka
  • 1 Sky Striker Fiendsmith
  • 1 Yubel D/D Supreme King Endymion

Tenpai Dragon

Cosmos TCG (大宇宙TCG) has published an interview with Prin about his recent victory in the “China Mainland WCQ 2024 Beijing Regional Qualifier”: 【上位访谈】游戏王WCQ2024中国大陆资格赛决赛资格选手——Prin.

In the article, he discussed about not running Mulcharmy Purulia in the deck. Against Snake-Eye decks, Mulcharmy Purulia would only draw 3 cards at best, when the opponent Normal Summon Snake-Eye Ash, Special Summon Snake-Eyes Poplar and Special Summon Diabellstar the Black Witch from hand. However, the Normal Summon of Snake-Eye Ash and Special Summon of Diabellstar the Black Witch from hand does not start a Chain, so Mulcharmy Purulia would also have to be activated preemptively. This allows the opponent to plan their play and avoid giving too many draws, resulting in Mulcharmy Purulia drawing just 0 or 1 card. In this matchup, he found Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay to be a more consistent play for digging board breakers.

Prin went 9-1 and finished 1 – 3rd in “Yu-Gi-Oh! China Mainland WCQ 2024 Beijing” which had 360 participants.


With the rise of Forbidden Droplet in the metagame, Zheyan made a metagame call to cut Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye and run Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase instead. Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye and Snake-Eyes Diabellstar are extenders and contributes body for Link Summoning, but any Link Monster being brought out would still be vulnerable to Forbidden Droplet.

As WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils is currently limited to 1, Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase provides another way to access Diabellstar the Black Witch, which could fetch Sinful Spoils of Betrayal – Silvera. Sinful Spoils of Betrayal – Silvera could negate a face-up card on the field and is vital for thwarting the opponent’s Forbidden Droplet.

Playing both Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye and Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase is an option, but since you would only be able to search for either one with Snake-Eyes Poplar effect, which means you would only be able to utilize either one of them in the combo. Cutting Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye and Snake-Eyes Diabellstar removes the chances of drawing them as bricks.

Zheyan has shared a video showcasing the various combos for his deck build: 【游戏王OCG】不带场地的刻魔蛇眼展开.

Running Super Polymerization in the Main Deck is an uncommon choice. Most players would be running Forbidden Droplet instead, and this also frees up space in the Extra Deck to run Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess and Accesscode Talker.

Zheyan (折言) (Duelist Cup 2021 China Mainland Champion) went 9-1 and finished 1 – 4th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! China Mainland WCQ 2024 Shanghai” which had 452 participants.


2 Dark Beckoning Beast, 1 Chaos Summoning Beast and 3 Opening of the Spirit Gates is now the preferred ratio in the Main Deck to play around Droll & Lock Bird, Effect Veiler and Infinite Impermanence.

If you opened with Dark Beckoning Beast to add Opening of the Spirit Gates from deck to hand, and get hit by the opponent’s Droll & Lock Bird, then Opening of the Spirit Gates cannot be activated. Whereas if you opened with Opening of the Spirit Gates to add Dark Beckoning Beast from deck to hand, and get hit by the opponent’s Droll & Lock Bird, then Dark Beckoning Beast could still be Normal Summoned, and you can additional Normal Summon 1 Fiend monster with 0 ATK/DEF such as Samsara D Lotus. Dark Beckoning Beast is then used to Link Summon Salamangreat Almiraj and then Opening of the Spirit Gates ② effect would Special Summon it back from the graveyard. Salamangreat Almiraj and Dark Beckoning Beast are then used to Link Summon Moon of the Closed Heaven and you could go into the Fiendsmith combo.

The threat of Effect Veiler and Infinite Impermanence also makes it better to start with Opening of the Spirit Gates in the opening hand rather than rely on Dark Beckoning Beast to add it from deck to hand.

However, Dark Beckoning Beast ① effect cannot be used to add another copy of itself from deck to hand, so Chaos Summoning Beast or Chaos Core is needed when opening with Opening of the Spirit Gates.

Muhammad Ramadikal Kahfi went 9-2-1 and finished 3 – 4th in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia WCQ 2024 Indonesia” which had 226 participants.


The World Championship Qualifier 2024 has begun in the OCG and the first two weeks has Tenpai Dragon, Fiendsmith Snake-Eye and Fiendsmith Yubel taking the top spots.

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  1. paleoenjoyer says:

    The OCG still ignorant on tenpai lmao. Just pure ignorance.

    • Yami says:

      By running bad card like threatening roar. U do realize even when fail to otk. Tenpai player just throw cockroaches to stop snake eye player next turn.

    • Erehplis says:

      Did you realize that in TCG, without Maxx C, Multicummy, and INFO support, Tenpai tops at 19.05%? Your side deck doesn’t even contribute that much to the win rate. By running cards that stop Tenpai for one turn, like Dimensional Barrier, even Tenpai fails to OTK. Tenpai players just throw hand traps to stop Snake Eye players next turn, and they have Koa’ki Meiru Drago, which auto-wins against Light and Dark decks.


      links to your regional wins/ycs tops? none? thats what i thought, so please shut up locals only player.

    • Hella_TCG says:

      josh get your mans

  2. paleoenjoyer says:

    OCG players malding lmao, get ready to get 0 players in top cut worlds again 🙂

    • Crush Card says:

      Little bro really dipped out from his first comment the minute he got asked for his tops and was given the data on Tenpai in the TCG lmao.

      Spit Josh out already, he’s been finished, and link us to those tops you were asked about. We’re waiting

    • Mr ocg says:

      Tcg players are jealous we have low rarity and reprint cards than tcg also Maxx c 😂

    • Hplisis says:

      OCG already won world 12 times lmao.

    • Ryuohd says:

      Go back to your “superior” TCG format with quadruple-digit decks TCG elitist

  3. A.F. Kay says:

    Would be nice if you could underline decks in the list of different decks and it could, at the very least, show a tooltip of all the tournaments that deck is in for the tournaments you have listed. On hover i mean

  4. Leo says:

    Mad respect to whoever is still piloting Ninjas to top cut

  5. Li-la and Kisi-Kil Are Gay says:

    There’s a couple reasons Tenpai is good in OCG at the moment. First it has the INFO support which is amazing, second OCG tournaments typically have fewer rounds than a TCG YCS so it helps not choking like Tenpai did in YCS Indianapolis, indeed one look at the difference between Tenpai in the YCS and lower round tournaments like Regionals and Nationals exposes this. Tenpai is much better in fewer round tournaments, because it has a similar issue as Branded where you can just randomly lose to yourself or 1 interaction a couple times and bubble.

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